Sunday, 18 May 2014

LIBRAS’ 2014

LIBRAS’ 2014


This card, the Knight of Pentacles, talks of an improvement in your financial situations, the only catch in it being of keeping patience.

You would need to be hard-working and career-minded this year. The approach of yours towards life should be earthy, practical and calculated.

Passion and enthusiasm are definitely good things to have- but for you, they would prove to be beneficial only when we are able to channelize them into the streams of practical and serious concerns like career and long-term plans.

This year asks you to be mature and serious years ahead of your age.

In relationships, partners who are practical, loyal and hardworking, as well as assisting in advancement of career plans would be a much-welcomed boon.
 Also, do not forget to reward yourself occasionally for the hard work you would put in, for the Knight of Pentacles does need to be rewarded for whatever it does, with all the diligence in the world.


Beware, my dear Librans. Awaiting you this year is The Magician reversed. This card warns you against trickery and deception-of being careful about whom you place your trust in.
It also speaks of a lack of self-confidence-which could be both a reason and/or a consequence of error of judgment while placing trust (broken trusts do have a tendency to do the latter, trust me).
In turn, this would make you indecisive (a pet peeve of Librans, by default itself)-which would lower your self-confidence even more-entrapping you in a vicious circle of self-sustaining cause –and-effects of low self-confidence. So you would do better to avoid it right from the beginning itself.

Abuse of power is also indicated to be watched out for-either by you or against you.


All-in-all, I’m afraid this year doesn't herald too well for you. It warns you of failed opportunities, despondency and self-induced money problems.

But don’t give way to a despair-just not yet. As all the reversed cards, it also has a catch.
The failures would indeed be there, but only because you would give up-when you would be so close to the FINISH LINE.
Also, you might need to set your priorities right-as this card also tells of losing sight of long-term goals.That could also be one of the contributors to your impending doom. To avoid that, you need to lay back in safety, comfort and un-burden yourself of some responsibilities that you’re carrying on your shoulder. When the shoulders get too heavy, the neck invariably gets lowered, limiting one’s sight-and thus, the ability to look at the long-term, faraway goals, that await us at the horizon. Try it yourself, someday-loading a heavy satchel on the back and looking at a far-off distance. Guess what?? You do end up short-sighted, looking only for the next place to remove that bag of sand that sits over your soaring back. The burdens invariably make one short-sighted; and decisions about long-terms must not be taken while the backs are laden with them.

“Don’t hold on. Let go and relax for a while.” is the message of the reversed Seven of Pentacles.

Losing control over finances is also one thing you should watch out against. Each dime should be spent only when planned in advance for it, and try not to get into money problems. 

VIRGOS’ 2014

VIRGOS’ 2014

My fellow Virgos, we have waited long enough for unlocking our fate. Now here’s our chance to see what the fate has in store for us.


This year shall be of special luck to those who are in the careers of sales, teaching, coaching sports teams, and acting, singing, professional sports and most of the other outdoor jobs.

Also the life may test you through situations that demand a considerable amount of wisdom. So be sure to gain and develop that, along with a psychological balance. You’ll have to merge the practicality and flexibility with your high ideals, for it is only then that you shall be able to act with integrity.

This card has a much deeper significance, other than the obvious indication of a couple-as depicted. This card also asks you to combine both the masculine and feminine traits –present already; inside you as well as everyone else, more or less.
So apart from saying that a new love is all set to enter your life; this card also presents you with a choice as well-between your heart’s desire and the call of duty. Though you may not even know yourself the source of this love, but its entry would be undeniable and unavoidable-and so would be the test it would bring.
You would have the two ways out-you could either take a risk, and it would have a promise for the new heights of happiness and emotional fulfillment. OR if you think the stakes are too high for you to take the risk, you can stick to your call of duty; and things would remain just the same-no losses, and definitely no gains due to refusing to rise to the opportunity.


Two of Wands is about successes-earned; often through a partnership. It also tells about a choice-of staying back in a familiar, but no longer stimulating, environment; or making a change-on just a chance of finding what you are looking for, with a certainty of losing what you  already have. It asks you a very simple question, “Are the stakes high enough for you to take the risk?” It hints of some promises without any guarantee of their delivery.
The constraint, of a now-no-more-stimulating environment, could be coming from anywhere-home, job, or even a picture-perfect relationship.

For ensuring success, it wouldn't hurt to ensure working in a partnership instead of the preferred lone-wolf tendency that we, the Virgos, proudly nurture. Even though we may end up doing everything that is there to be done in the partnership, but still, the presence of Two of Wands is an indication that still, it would be more profitable for ourselves to work with someone rather than alone.