Friday, 31 May 2013




This June, be committed to one direction. The Eight of Pentacles shows a lack of direction and/or commitment. This means that either you’d trying too many things at once, resulting in lack of focus in any one direction. OR you might have the urge to sit idly, telling yourself that you aren’t dawdling, it’s just a “wait-and-watch strategy”.
But as I say frequently, my dear fishes, the biggest anchor to a Piscean’s glorious voyage to success is nothing but the typical Neptunian self-deception.
So actually, you would just be wasting your time instead of doing some real work, to achieve your purpose.

This lack of commitment might also affect, adversely, your relationships as well.
Or you and your partner may lose sight of what were once your shared goals.


Career wise, instead of loitering around, it would be a better idea to develop some serious skills this June, those that may directly help you out in the crisis that you’re facing.

Be concentrated and be motivated. Don’t let problems dampen your enthusiasm and motivation.

Thursday, 30 May 2013




Fear shall be your greatest foe this June, my dear water bearers. The more deep-rooted these fears would be, greater would be your anxiety and more would your progress be thwarted by it.
And not only these, this fear may even go as far as causing your nerves to fail.

The Moon also warns of lies and deceits-don’t let anything, even your worst insecurities, make you fall prey to treachery and fibbing.
Neither should you cheat nor get cheated because these might be very well the reason of your fear and insecurities.

This card also deals with secrets-which you have kept very well-hidden; at least till now.
But as of now; I wouldn't be too sure if I were you, because the presence of this card heralds of a time when even your most well-coveted secrets shall come out.


And lastly, this card also has to do with highly charged emotions-and the confusion caused by them.
But it won’t do, at all, to lay your arms before them and bend to their will.

Instead, this time calls you for the superb unemotional intellectuality that Aquarians are known for, and letting down an art as ancient and noble as astrology wouldn’t do you any good.

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To tell yourself, even as a reassurance, that you know everything-all the answers you seek- is a deception and the Page of Swords, when reversed, tells you to keep away from it.
Questioning and challenging others is a good thing; but maybe this is a time to put you under the scrutiny.

Maybe you’re being too sarcastic or critical. Though your work is definitely one-of-a-kind, it’ll be unfair to expect everyone to match up to your high standards. Just think about it. If everyone was as good as you are, would you enjoy the special place that you receive??

Deviousness is also a trait that you don’t have to inculcate in yourself.
Important changes are going to happen in your life, whether you like them or not.
Legal disputes’ verdicts are more likely to go against you if they come out this June.

 Beware of such people who might have it in for you. You might fall prey of slander and malice of theirs.


Discipline your thinking- indiscipline of theirs might result in useless chaos. This shall dissipate your energy; making it unavailable for you when you’ll need it the most.

Your plans are not likely to fruit out their best because of being poorly thought out.
If you’re waiting for some kind of news or conformation regarding any matter, delays can be expected. So be ready to face the frustration caused.

Revise your plans, cut out unnecessary details, words, ideas, concepts  and actions. The residue shall be the better executable plan which you need to go through and then follow.

At last, be very careful with your words. They have the potential to cause deep wounds; and so you need to be diligent and watchful of their usage and the impact theyu cause to others.

Wednesday, 29 May 2013




This card depicts travel-not just any movement from one place to the other, but an important one. Maybe a one you have been, since long, waiting for. Or maybe this travel is going to have a deep, profound impact on your impending month.

This card also depicts activity and action. This month shall be taxing all your energy in a way that you’ll feel completely exhausted. But at the same time, you shall also feel satisfied when tired because of the rewarding and happiness-giving nature of the toils.

This month let your intuitive ideas be the guide of your actions. But you need to be sure of your intentions and motives before you plunge your hands into the action.
Also, you need to set right your priorities, right now. Because afterwards things will be so up in the air that it shall be the time for execution and not planning.

In June 2013, you need to simply rush ahead with the plans because that shall be the time for swift actions.
If you want the things to work out as you wish, don’t hesitate in acting expeditiously.

Important news and fresh information are looking for your address, so don’t make the mistake of not taking them seriously just because you aren’t able to comprehend the method of their delivery.

When you are looking for the truth about some particular issue, keep your mind open for any possible link to the truth.
You may feel overwhelmed by the tornado of ideas, but don’t fret. Treat them as a buffer of intellectual resources that are going to help you in making a decision.

Eight of Wands is a card of strength and freedom. You’ll have ample of alternatives, opportunities and options available for you to choose among.
You might have been waiting, since a long time, for an opportunity to sale unhindered towards your goals-and here it is. And I promise you-provided you’re able to utilise it to the fullest, it shall serve to be your favourite memory for a long time.

This month shall see you having a steady rise in your career, obstacles to the success will be only a few and your achievements will be a talk in the circles.

 It also indicates the uncomplicated romantic relationship where you and your partner will have shared goals.

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What an irony, my dear Librans, what an irony!!! The ruling planet of your Sin Sign, Venus, is the goddess of Love and the first and the foremost meaning of The Lovers card, in reversed form, is “This isn’t the best time for romance.”

Also, it indicates a moral lapse and giving in to the temptations. The latter might be a bit familiar to you guys because though very charming, vivacious and lively you are, with an extremely fair-minded outlook, you guys are not maybe the best people to be counted upon not giving in to a temptation of something you love.

This card may also indicate indecision, another inherent tendency of the Librans. Actually it might be your determination to be fair and on the right side that makes you take decisions so slow, weighing each and every pro-and-con so minutely that you never realise that it’s killing­ precious time-yours as well as that of others.
But this June, this won’t do. You’ll have to be fairly quick in decision-making in the upcoming month because the circumstances and people shall be demanding the same now. And you would have no choice but to comply. So you better gear up yourselves right from now on.

About your current love affairs and relationships, they are more likely to turn unhappy than not. And yet you’ll be unsure of what decision to make regarding them-whether to leave things to fate, move on, let go or try to cope up?????

An intense temptation may cross your path-beware of the moral lapse of falling into it.
If nothing else, be faithful to your own morals at least.
The temptations mentioned above may be there to test the strength of your relationship and, since the card comes reversed, chances are good that you may be more tilted towards failure than success.
Love triangles, not cute and cheeky ones but rather the frustrating and intensely complex, can also not be ruled out.


Think about what love means to you, personally, and make your choices accordingly.

Don’t fret or cringe away from taking responsibility of your choices, for a very important choice awaits you. The choice shall be important enough to be able to have a profound impact over your whole life.

Tuesday, 28 May 2013




This time again I’ll be using ‘we’ instead of ‘you’; because Virgo is my own Sun Sign too.

OK guys, we all need to gear up our diplomacy and tact a bit-not too much because a great deal of it we always practice in everything we do, except when we criticize for a criticism is the most natural thing for Virgos, even more characteristically easy than bring shy or laid back.
We need this diplomacy and tact because King of cups tells us that these traits would be of great use to us this June. We’ll find ourselves caught up in a situation; no matter how hard do we try to avoid it, where we shall have to act as a mediator between two opposite parties or factions of a dispute, argument or conflict.
But be warned in advance. The being reversed of this card tells that most probably we would not be able to persuade the abovementioned rivals to come to an understanding or ceasefire at least.
But that doesn’t mean that we should give up or not try. We might still be able to ensure that minimum damage is caused by the conflict or the factions hurt each other the least.

This card also talks of emotional hardships in our own lives this June. But they shouldn’t become our excuse to get sulky or withdraw from people just because certain people didn’t act the way we wanted them to or because our emotional egis were not appeased.
The anger that we’ll feel, and shall try to hide behind apathy and a mild depression, shall need to be vented out through an outlet before our creative energies can flow through our grey matter.
Our success shall be thwarted by none other than our own hidden motives and blocked creativity.
We’ll get into so dark and negative a mood that we might be sabotaging our own attempts at success, subconsciously. And if given a chance, we may do the same to some other person who tries to help us to succeed.
And this is something we shall need to seriously work on avoiding this June.

And one more thing, though we may pride ourselves on the fierce control that we exercise on our emotions but the upcoming month is the time to let our hair down a bit, figuratively.
This over control of feelings could stop us from expressing the truth of our feelings and desires. And this is most undesirable.
This might not only stifle our emotional self and cause the abovementioned anger, apathy and depression but someone who gets to know of this emotional weakness of ours can use this knowledge or emotional blackmail to control us.
This June, it’s time to open up and focus on real wisdom, which means that we might have to accept and be aware of not only our assets and strengths but our weaknesses and liabilities as well. And we should be able to work with the last two, to be really wise.

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Some unresolved emotional pain may result in your turning bitter and vengeful. These unresolved issues from your past might colour your vision of some issue. You will act irrationally due to your head ruling your heart.
To come out of this, you need to forgive someone and let go of the past.

You might be too emotionally involved with someone to impartially see the truth. Or else, you might have to repress your emotional needs because you want to help or love someone.


Being disloyal and unfaithful might appeal to you as easy and tempting options. But beware. “All that glitters is not gold”, as the old adage says. They may give you a small initial leap, but, in the long run, not only would they drag you back a great deal; you’ll also find yourself rendered alone because of these.

Similar is the case with being vain. Vanity might give you a false image of superiority, but then I shall again be a bubble-like, short-lived one.
Nobody likes a snobbish, vain person; no matter how much they pretend otherwise.

Monday, 27 May 2013




Something intellectual shall begin this June. Or you might want to have an intellectual approach towards a new idea or a project or task of some sort.
It shall be so wonderfully stimulating to you that you would feel determined to see it through to the end or completion. 

However this card asks you to have clarity in your mind about what, when, where, why etc. Also, you need to have a positive, inclusive and accepting attitude towards a change that had been necessary in your life-even if you don’t like at the moment.
If you’re able to follow these through, victory is certainly guaranteed to you this June.

Something inside you needs to be expressed or vented out. It can be an idea, a truth you previously hid but might want to reveal now, a cry or a plead to someone or something you might want yourself to come face-to-face now, because you are too tired now to run away from or avoid it anymore.
Any new challenge you might come across should be faced with logic and firmness. Believe in yourself, be on your heels because you may need to jump into action anytime and be honest in accepting your limitations.

Holding on to bitterness from the past shall only block the way forward, so avoid it.

A challenge is surely approaching you, but don’t fret. Keep your head, follow whatever is advised above and you can be assured of a final victory, even against all odds.
You definitely can something better of your life out of this challenge. The opportunities coming your way shall definitely require a lot of effort on your part to make anything of them, but if you are able to toil hard enough and not lose hope, they shall open new possibilities and shower you with such successes that at the end, you won’t be able to complain, even the least, about the efforts.




This is the perfect card for you, Geminis. June is your own month, and Eight of Wands delivers you exactly what your twin-personality souls crave-lots of ideas, swiftness, fast action, need for speed (not the game), versatility, multi-tasking- and the list can go on.

This month, lots of action and activity await you. You’ll need to be on the top-gear throughout this June (to your heart’s content, I know).Some special, exciting or rewarding or hectic) travel might also cross your path.                                                         
This is a time for swift rise-in intellectuality (as Wands are primarily a suite of ideas) and career.
An uncomplicated romantic relationship may also be a benefit that you might reap. Both you and your partner shall be having some shared goals.

Things are so up in the air, in all fields and not just romantic arena that you need to sort out your priorities and put together a working plan of action-and you’ll have to do all of these really fast.
Make clear your intentions right now-because any confusion, in your mind or in others’ mind about you, will only slow you down and prevent you from enjoying the fast, whirlwind time that you have been waiting for since so long.
And when you have clarified your standings, to yourself and others as well, and made out your plans; just rush forward with them.
Enjoy the speed of life blowing you off your feet; for that’s what you were cut out for; and act instantaneously. Don’t hesitate in following your impulses-that’s what destiny wishes of you this month- and nothing will go wrong.

Be prepared for news and fresh information flooding in. Don’t dawdle on the method of delivery, for that may confuse you and lead you to not realizing the importance of the package it delivered.
Keep your eyes and mind open-the answers you seek may approach you from anywhere, in any way.
There might be so many ideas floating around that even you­, a Gemini-who’s hard-wired for multi-tasking and tossing multiple ideas in your brain-, might feel overwhelmed by choices.

But consider them your resources and you’ll be surprised by the way those confusions suddenly become your friends and assistants.

Sunday, 26 May 2013




My dear bulls, it shall be totally unwise and foolish to wear your hearts on your sleeves this June. The Three of Swords, though with a variety of different meanings as well, carries a primary theme of heartbreak and emotional hardships. So you’ll be ill-advised to make some major move in the romantic, or emotional, arena in the upcoming month.
However if you are brave enough (and it’s nothing to be ashamed of if you aren’t-most people stand the same as you ,in this thing, including me) to face and accept your feelings and the hurt that you may have to suffer due to it; you’ll gain a wonderfully clear head ,one which is nearly immune now to being misled by emotional distractions, and an open mind-a mind which is now very hard to be compressed and narrowed, due to the mature experiences that it has encountered.
But all these incentives require a price-complete self-awareness; along with passing the test of emotional trials and tribulations.


It seems to me that if you do decide to take in this challenge, I can even provide you some ‘pain-killers’ or ‘tranquilisers’ for easing the journey for the time being-though you’d have to inadvertently come face-to-face with the full blow of the thing later.
Try talking to others about your pains and your experience-not to everyone; but to people whom you’re sure of lending you a helping hand, or at least a comforting shoulder to weep your heart out and wipe your eyes on.
Examine your feelings-neither with full logic nor with pure, illogic emotional thinking; but a balanced combination of both.
This also helps in reducing the pain.

And after you’ve successfully completed this rite of passage, new beginnings await you this June!!!!!!!!

Saturday, 25 May 2013




This June, don’t try to bite more than what you can chew, my dear rams. This card tells that you might suffer from overwork in the upcoming month. Don’t overtax yourself. Every person, no matter how talented or capable he or she is, has some limits-and that’s what you need to acknowledge and realise about yourself.
“Work first” is definitely a good ethic, but “Only work” may lead to some serious issues this summer and may further blaze the already scorching hot June. You may not only end up burning out yourself, which is bad even for your work in the long run, but you may also realise suddenly, any day next month, that while you were too busy chasing some office task, your loved ones and loving ones were left too much behind. That they, then, were not able to match up with your speed and now you’ve come ahead too far to reach out to them; is a seriously painful realisation, and I earnestly urge you to do anything and everything you can to avoid it.


 Also you need to be wary of some strong opponent who might be resolutely working against you.
Jealousy too is a trait that you should try your best to avoid.

Stick fast to your goals. Don’t give fashionable names like “changeability” or “flexibility” etc. to what’s essentially nothing but your lack of strong will and indecision.
Financial discipline is also something you should seriously practice this June lest you may end up cashless and in need of favours and loans as early as even 15th or 20th of the month.

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Thursday, 2 May 2013




People and events are coming to lighten your life, fishes. A lot of excitement will be generated this May, and time is well-favored for any celebration or get-together.
This card heralds a time for rejoicing and celebrations. Happier times are waiting for you this May, and you ought to go out and enjoy them to the fullest.

You might be a long way from achieving what you signed up for, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take a short rest-and celebrate achievements you’ve grabbed on the way.
The war might not have been won till now, but rejoicing over victory in past battles helps you prepare yourself for the forthcoming ones.




May is the time for you to regain your motivation regarding the future plans. An experience of peace of mind was much needed in your life; and you’re going to get it this month.
A contemplation of what you’re and where are you going in your life is what awaits you this month.

New insights in to the future shall dawn on you, and you’ll be showered with optimism and hope.
Some unexpected gifts may also be found on your door, with your name tag and some smileys on them!!!
This card heralds good times for many things- artistic or educational endeavors, travel, health and spiritual awareness or development.