Thursday, 30 May 2013




Fear shall be your greatest foe this June, my dear water bearers. The more deep-rooted these fears would be, greater would be your anxiety and more would your progress be thwarted by it.
And not only these, this fear may even go as far as causing your nerves to fail.

The Moon also warns of lies and deceits-don’t let anything, even your worst insecurities, make you fall prey to treachery and fibbing.
Neither should you cheat nor get cheated because these might be very well the reason of your fear and insecurities.

This card also deals with secrets-which you have kept very well-hidden; at least till now.
But as of now; I wouldn't be too sure if I were you, because the presence of this card heralds of a time when even your most well-coveted secrets shall come out.


And lastly, this card also has to do with highly charged emotions-and the confusion caused by them.
But it won’t do, at all, to lay your arms before them and bend to their will.

Instead, this time calls you for the superb unemotional intellectuality that Aquarians are known for, and letting down an art as ancient and noble as astrology wouldn’t do you any good.

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  1. some content you have, man. i gotta give you the credit. 'Tis true by every word.