Wednesday, 29 May 2013




What an irony, my dear Librans, what an irony!!! The ruling planet of your Sin Sign, Venus, is the goddess of Love and the first and the foremost meaning of The Lovers card, in reversed form, is “This isn’t the best time for romance.”

Also, it indicates a moral lapse and giving in to the temptations. The latter might be a bit familiar to you guys because though very charming, vivacious and lively you are, with an extremely fair-minded outlook, you guys are not maybe the best people to be counted upon not giving in to a temptation of something you love.

This card may also indicate indecision, another inherent tendency of the Librans. Actually it might be your determination to be fair and on the right side that makes you take decisions so slow, weighing each and every pro-and-con so minutely that you never realise that it’s killing­ precious time-yours as well as that of others.
But this June, this won’t do. You’ll have to be fairly quick in decision-making in the upcoming month because the circumstances and people shall be demanding the same now. And you would have no choice but to comply. So you better gear up yourselves right from now on.

About your current love affairs and relationships, they are more likely to turn unhappy than not. And yet you’ll be unsure of what decision to make regarding them-whether to leave things to fate, move on, let go or try to cope up?????

An intense temptation may cross your path-beware of the moral lapse of falling into it.
If nothing else, be faithful to your own morals at least.
The temptations mentioned above may be there to test the strength of your relationship and, since the card comes reversed, chances are good that you may be more tilted towards failure than success.
Love triangles, not cute and cheeky ones but rather the frustrating and intensely complex, can also not be ruled out.


Think about what love means to you, personally, and make your choices accordingly.

Don’t fret or cringe away from taking responsibility of your choices, for a very important choice awaits you. The choice shall be important enough to be able to have a profound impact over your whole life.

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