Wednesday, 29 May 2013




This card depicts travel-not just any movement from one place to the other, but an important one. Maybe a one you have been, since long, waiting for. Or maybe this travel is going to have a deep, profound impact on your impending month.

This card also depicts activity and action. This month shall be taxing all your energy in a way that you’ll feel completely exhausted. But at the same time, you shall also feel satisfied when tired because of the rewarding and happiness-giving nature of the toils.

This month let your intuitive ideas be the guide of your actions. But you need to be sure of your intentions and motives before you plunge your hands into the action.
Also, you need to set right your priorities, right now. Because afterwards things will be so up in the air that it shall be the time for execution and not planning.

In June 2013, you need to simply rush ahead with the plans because that shall be the time for swift actions.
If you want the things to work out as you wish, don’t hesitate in acting expeditiously.

Important news and fresh information are looking for your address, so don’t make the mistake of not taking them seriously just because you aren’t able to comprehend the method of their delivery.

When you are looking for the truth about some particular issue, keep your mind open for any possible link to the truth.
You may feel overwhelmed by the tornado of ideas, but don’t fret. Treat them as a buffer of intellectual resources that are going to help you in making a decision.

Eight of Wands is a card of strength and freedom. You’ll have ample of alternatives, opportunities and options available for you to choose among.
You might have been waiting, since a long time, for an opportunity to sale unhindered towards your goals-and here it is. And I promise you-provided you’re able to utilise it to the fullest, it shall serve to be your favourite memory for a long time.

This month shall see you having a steady rise in your career, obstacles to the success will be only a few and your achievements will be a talk in the circles.

 It also indicates the uncomplicated romantic relationship where you and your partner will have shared goals.

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