Tuesday, 28 May 2013



Some unresolved emotional pain may result in your turning bitter and vengeful. These unresolved issues from your past might colour your vision of some issue. You will act irrationally due to your head ruling your heart.
To come out of this, you need to forgive someone and let go of the past.

You might be too emotionally involved with someone to impartially see the truth. Or else, you might have to repress your emotional needs because you want to help or love someone.


Being disloyal and unfaithful might appeal to you as easy and tempting options. But beware. “All that glitters is not gold”, as the old adage says. They may give you a small initial leap, but, in the long run, not only would they drag you back a great deal; you’ll also find yourself rendered alone because of these.

Similar is the case with being vain. Vanity might give you a false image of superiority, but then I shall again be a bubble-like, short-lived one.
Nobody likes a snobbish, vain person; no matter how much they pretend otherwise.

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