Friday, 31 May 2013




This June, be committed to one direction. The Eight of Pentacles shows a lack of direction and/or commitment. This means that either you’d trying too many things at once, resulting in lack of focus in any one direction. OR you might have the urge to sit idly, telling yourself that you aren’t dawdling, it’s just a “wait-and-watch strategy”.
But as I say frequently, my dear fishes, the biggest anchor to a Piscean’s glorious voyage to success is nothing but the typical Neptunian self-deception.
So actually, you would just be wasting your time instead of doing some real work, to achieve your purpose.

This lack of commitment might also affect, adversely, your relationships as well.
Or you and your partner may lose sight of what were once your shared goals.


Career wise, instead of loitering around, it would be a better idea to develop some serious skills this June, those that may directly help you out in the crisis that you’re facing.

Be concentrated and be motivated. Don’t let problems dampen your enthusiasm and motivation.

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