Monday, 27 May 2013




Something intellectual shall begin this June. Or you might want to have an intellectual approach towards a new idea or a project or task of some sort.
It shall be so wonderfully stimulating to you that you would feel determined to see it through to the end or completion. 

However this card asks you to have clarity in your mind about what, when, where, why etc. Also, you need to have a positive, inclusive and accepting attitude towards a change that had been necessary in your life-even if you don’t like at the moment.
If you’re able to follow these through, victory is certainly guaranteed to you this June.

Something inside you needs to be expressed or vented out. It can be an idea, a truth you previously hid but might want to reveal now, a cry or a plead to someone or something you might want yourself to come face-to-face now, because you are too tired now to run away from or avoid it anymore.
Any new challenge you might come across should be faced with logic and firmness. Believe in yourself, be on your heels because you may need to jump into action anytime and be honest in accepting your limitations.

Holding on to bitterness from the past shall only block the way forward, so avoid it.

A challenge is surely approaching you, but don’t fret. Keep your head, follow whatever is advised above and you can be assured of a final victory, even against all odds.
You definitely can something better of your life out of this challenge. The opportunities coming your way shall definitely require a lot of effort on your part to make anything of them, but if you are able to toil hard enough and not lose hope, they shall open new possibilities and shower you with such successes that at the end, you won’t be able to complain, even the least, about the efforts.

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