Saturday, 25 May 2013




This June, don’t try to bite more than what you can chew, my dear rams. This card tells that you might suffer from overwork in the upcoming month. Don’t overtax yourself. Every person, no matter how talented or capable he or she is, has some limits-and that’s what you need to acknowledge and realise about yourself.
“Work first” is definitely a good ethic, but “Only work” may lead to some serious issues this summer and may further blaze the already scorching hot June. You may not only end up burning out yourself, which is bad even for your work in the long run, but you may also realise suddenly, any day next month, that while you were too busy chasing some office task, your loved ones and loving ones were left too much behind. That they, then, were not able to match up with your speed and now you’ve come ahead too far to reach out to them; is a seriously painful realisation, and I earnestly urge you to do anything and everything you can to avoid it.


 Also you need to be wary of some strong opponent who might be resolutely working against you.
Jealousy too is a trait that you should try your best to avoid.

Stick fast to your goals. Don’t give fashionable names like “changeability” or “flexibility” etc. to what’s essentially nothing but your lack of strong will and indecision.
Financial discipline is also something you should seriously practice this June lest you may end up cashless and in need of favours and loans as early as even 15th or 20th of the month.

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  1. your last month's aries predictions were true to the last word. that's what made me come back this time. but seems grim this time. any way out?????

  2. wow!!! what you said about last month's aries came true word-by-word. and even your "..on’t try to bite more than what you can chew.." thing might apply to me as i am about to take on 3 jobs this june.
    haven't got a choice, you see.