Thursday, 30 May 2013




To tell yourself, even as a reassurance, that you know everything-all the answers you seek- is a deception and the Page of Swords, when reversed, tells you to keep away from it.
Questioning and challenging others is a good thing; but maybe this is a time to put you under the scrutiny.

Maybe you’re being too sarcastic or critical. Though your work is definitely one-of-a-kind, it’ll be unfair to expect everyone to match up to your high standards. Just think about it. If everyone was as good as you are, would you enjoy the special place that you receive??

Deviousness is also a trait that you don’t have to inculcate in yourself.
Important changes are going to happen in your life, whether you like them or not.
Legal disputes’ verdicts are more likely to go against you if they come out this June.

 Beware of such people who might have it in for you. You might fall prey of slander and malice of theirs.


Discipline your thinking- indiscipline of theirs might result in useless chaos. This shall dissipate your energy; making it unavailable for you when you’ll need it the most.

Your plans are not likely to fruit out their best because of being poorly thought out.
If you’re waiting for some kind of news or conformation regarding any matter, delays can be expected. So be ready to face the frustration caused.

Revise your plans, cut out unnecessary details, words, ideas, concepts  and actions. The residue shall be the better executable plan which you need to go through and then follow.

At last, be very careful with your words. They have the potential to cause deep wounds; and so you need to be diligent and watchful of their usage and the impact theyu cause to others.

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