Sunday, 26 May 2013




My dear bulls, it shall be totally unwise and foolish to wear your hearts on your sleeves this June. The Three of Swords, though with a variety of different meanings as well, carries a primary theme of heartbreak and emotional hardships. So you’ll be ill-advised to make some major move in the romantic, or emotional, arena in the upcoming month.
However if you are brave enough (and it’s nothing to be ashamed of if you aren’t-most people stand the same as you ,in this thing, including me) to face and accept your feelings and the hurt that you may have to suffer due to it; you’ll gain a wonderfully clear head ,one which is nearly immune now to being misled by emotional distractions, and an open mind-a mind which is now very hard to be compressed and narrowed, due to the mature experiences that it has encountered.
But all these incentives require a price-complete self-awareness; along with passing the test of emotional trials and tribulations.


It seems to me that if you do decide to take in this challenge, I can even provide you some ‘pain-killers’ or ‘tranquilisers’ for easing the journey for the time being-though you’d have to inadvertently come face-to-face with the full blow of the thing later.
Try talking to others about your pains and your experience-not to everyone; but to people whom you’re sure of lending you a helping hand, or at least a comforting shoulder to weep your heart out and wipe your eyes on.
Examine your feelings-neither with full logic nor with pure, illogic emotional thinking; but a balanced combination of both.
This also helps in reducing the pain.

And after you’ve successfully completed this rite of passage, new beginnings await you this June!!!!!!!!

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