Monday, 23 December 2013

TAURUS’ 2014

TAURUS’ 2014


The combination of these two cards appears to be contradictory in the first look, patient Taureans. But as you always do, be a little patient and bear with me for a while-and see how this conflict is resolved so easily.

The Hanged Man is a symbol of a pause or a limbo that
would infest you this year. Last year was favoring you a bit; adding up to 6(and 6 is the number of Venus; who rules Taurus too). However, entering into 2014, you would no longer have the VIP treatment and need to toil like the other numbers did in 2013. But the good thing is- nobody is lesser afraid of hard work than the bulls.

On the other hand, the Magician is an image of new’s;new opportunities, the importance of new enterprise and most importantly-the assurance that you have the willpower and initiative to take it to the finish line.

It also shows that you need to think on your feet-which, I know, you don’t like at all.

So to resolve the conflict; here’s what I think can be a viable interpretation of this combination:-

The Magician would indeed present you with new opportunities, both within your current enterprise as well as of starting a new one as well(though I would personally suggest you the latter); but to take full advantage of it, you need to develop some really fats thinking, as it is not a natural astrological trait in you.
If you fail at this, the result would be The Hanged Man-the limbo or standstill unless you do.


This card again is a symbol quick thinking and perceptional decision making. You need to take it as another nudge in the direction of speeding up your grey matter.
 The Queen of Swords also depicts combining sympathy with rational thinking. It is when you combine the two that you are able to achieve the real clarity of thought and
would be able to plan shrewdly. Going on either one of the extremes(cold intellect or hot emotionalism) would need to be avoided.

Also, this card indicates a need to concentrate your focus as well. Circumstances may try to waver your attentions this year (7[=2014] is the number of dreamy distractions and muddy thinking as well) but you need to remain focused on your goals and objectives. That would be the only way to overcome the obstacles.


Four of Swords is the card of mental consolidation. It represents a time for you to review your past actions and words, and the consequences and impact they had. It’s time elucidate the track and course of life, to reflect over and make sense of life itself.
If you’re able to distinguish between sound opportunities, that offer a solid growth, and prospects of futile efforts; that shall surely be a time-savior in the long run.
Anyhow, you need to spare time to pause, sit down and spend quite time for reflection, because thoughts about the future and its possibilities can otherwise over-excite you, scatter your (precious, mind you) energies or cause you disturbance and pain.

Thursday, 19 December 2013

ARIES’ 2014

ARIES’ 2014


The first card, my dear rams, is the High Priestess.

She is a guardian of secrets. Her appearance here indicates a secret.
You’d either be keeping wishing for the revelation of one or you shall end up having or guarding one. Or else, she may be indicating the right time for the revelation of some secret that has been kept hidden in the past.
As a symbol of your intuitiveness and the depths of your subconscious and unconscious mind, she is your guide who’ll help you in tapping into your full potential and deriving power from the inner self. 

The occurrence of this card is also a nudge for you in the direction of more trust over your instincts. Let your intuition lead the way.
It may even be representing a person-someone who is capable of offering you a prudent counsel.

For male rams out there, it might also be signifying a very-maybe most- important woman in your life.
Either she’s about to enter your life; or, if already there, she has a significant role to play in shaping your destiny this year.


The Hermit is a symbol of introspection and solitude. It asks you to be patient and seek the guidance and advice before taking any further actions. 

I know patience has been one of your pet peeves since eternity; but still, a little patience once in a while can’t hurt, isn't it??

The Hermit symbolizes a careful consideration of issues in hand. You may also end up wishing for some peace and quiet before getting back into the hectic schedule of the things.
And that would be a really wise thing to do-because the appearance of this card doesn't only nudge towards the direction of slowness and patience; it also warns you against acting otherwise.
Also, this time alone would enable you to understand your own past better-you would gain an insight into your past actions, events and behaviors, enabling you to be a better person in the future.

This month, it would be better not to take any decisions in haste and take advice from someone you trust before acting any further.

This reflection would also reduce the required efforts in realization of your goals because the careful planning that would follow this deep reflection would eliminate, by foresight, the unnecessary labors.

If you’re suffering from any health problems, the rest, peace and solitude would prove to be beneficial in recovering form it as well.


If you are already undergoing some sort of suffering, I'm so sorry to have to break this to you but, be prepared for some more. If not, be ready for a not-so-moderate dose of it.

Ruin and desolation shall be dogging your footsteps the whole month, so watch out for them and be on every tenterhook that you can; because this year you can't be too cautious.

But don't throw up your hands in despair and wail out your hearts, Martians. At least not yet!!!!

There's a way to avoid, or at least mitigate or minimize, your ordeals and sufferings, if only you keep a bit of patience. I know it's hard for you Mars-dwellers; but I assure you it won't be the least hard than what Ten of Swords wants to offer you.

First of all, I want you to carefully observe the figure in the card. Though it is lying on the ground, stabbed by not one or two but ten swords, I assure you he's not dead. Yet.
This symbolizes the hope I want to give to you.
Now look at the sky. Though it's very dark at most parts, but there's also a streak of light out there. What does this symbolize??? Of course, sunrise. Though till now clouds have been covering the sky, but now their regime is about to crumble. The sun is all set to rise.
Likewise, in spite of many difficulties and challenges that you shall definitely face this July, the hope for your redemption shall never be totally lost. All you'll have to do is to keep an eye open for it, and it shall stop your insides from freezing due to the storm clouds and blizzards of life.

Let me tell you a secret, which should brighten you up (a pinch at least). There's no arguing the fact that this card, Ten of Swords, is indeed a formidable and unlucky one. But being 'reversed' does dilute it to a great extent. Being in reversed form, it indicates that the situation in itself is not as bad as the way you perceive it. You are making a mountain out of, though definitely not a molehill, a hill. Problems might not be as bad as you make them yourself.

Furthermore, your negative, pessimistic attitude may even stop you from witnessing the moment of ending of your sufferings. You may not realize when have your problems ended and new phases of your life begun. And if this indeed happens, it shall be very unfortunate because then you wouldn't even be able to come out of the despite and negativity.

However, if you indeed want to achieve this, you need to ascertain something. Liberate yourself of old patterns of behavior and thoughts, drop the emotional baggage that you might have gathered during your hard times and turn over a whole new leaf. Your life would be too cluttered if you try to accommodate both the old and the new.

This card indicates a turn for the better.

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Wednesday, 25 September 2013




First of all, you should be wary of the bullying tactics and selfishness-by yourself as well as others.
It also warns of being the victim (or the victor) of arrogance and selfishness.

So this is high time you shed your pride and the pretense,” I had to” to do something mean, selfish or “had to” be egocentric and venal; that you “have no choice”.
Selfishness is definitely a choice you willingly make.
There’s a difference between being selfish and being self-centered, by the forced hand of circumstances.

The former says, “I have no time unless I see no profit in there for me. To hell with others’ needs. For me, only and only me (this ‘me’ may include a choice few along with you yourself, and don’t think that the inclusion of a few shall make you ‘selfless’)”
While the latter states, “I acknowledge that others need me too. I shall try my best to meet others’ needs to. And even when I am forced to prioritize myself before others, I shall at least have a compassionate heart towards their grievances.”

You also need to get a grip on your outbursts of rage and the urges to be tyrannical that may look enticing when you’re in an angry fit.

Your overinflated ego and arrogance have the potential to cause delays and frustrations, and you shall have none but yourself to blame for it.

Also, be on your guard against the travel plans which may not end up so well, after all.
So, if you can, please try to avoid making any important trip, tour etc., especially a one which is being planned since long.

Apart from travel, the presence of Chariot also warns you to be wary while making other plans as well. Unless they are checked and rechecked and again rechecked for loopholes, all of your major plans better be postponed because they all, unless as I said they are and rechecked and again rechecked for loopholes, are susceptible to delays and frustrations as well.

Another indication of The Chariot reversed is that you've become so much engrossed in emotional issues that you stand in a very real danger of losing any clarity of thought that you possess.
This can lead to various unpleasant incidents in your life. For instance, you may have sudden (and most probably violent too) outbursts of temper leading to some otherwise-would-have-been-avoidable skirmishes.
Or else you may end up pouting away first and then misdirecting your anger towards someone who did nothing to call for it. And I can assure you there are a very few of us who take the issue too kindly.

This card emphasizes on the fact that your unwise choices are your biggest enemy-and maybe the cause of all your anger too.
Combine it with the overreaction which you Sagittarians, unfortunately, possess in a most commendable quantity; and a deadly formula for inflicting utter destruction in your lives is handy.


The best advice in such moments would be to retreat to either some safe place, for a while at least, where your outbursts may cause little or no harm; OR to revert to a safe pattern of behavior at least.
For instance, you could try keeping a total quiet when in doubt of the impact, or even propriety, of your words.

Sunday, 15 September 2013




My dear Librans, this September doesn’t bode well for you-none at all.

Very much unlike your usual charming, beautiful selves that you usually are, your friends would find you arrogant, sneering and impatient.
And the damage that this attitude of yours may inflict upon your images on people might even be well beyond your comprehension.

You might also find giving yourself an excuse or two for dabbling in debauchery and moral corruptions.

The reasons behind these sudden U-Turns of behavior and living would be a lack of stability and consolidation. Maybe you have been looking for it since a long time but were unable to find it, and the despair and the sense of defeat might turn you wayward.

But what you need to keep in mind that such things are just a passing phase and should not become a part of your permanent demeanor. 

Monday, 9 September 2013




Congratulations, fellow Virgos. If nothing else, at least one of our major problems can see a bright streak now-the money.

This card, the Knight of Pentacles, talks of an improvement in our financial situations, the only catch in it being of keeping patience-which shouldn’t be an issue for us­, as we are one of the most patient zodiac natives that are out there, to be seconded by nobody but maybe the Taurean bulls.
But we aren’t counting infinity among numbers, aren’t we?? Because the Taureans indeed have an infinite amount of patience.
But there’s a bad side to it too. The notorious stubbornness of Taureans is also nothing but their patience-turned inside out.

We would need to be hard-working and career-minded this month. And I can totally relate to it, as my own exams are looming over now, closer than ever, along with deadlines for submission of various other projects too.

The approach of ours towards life should be earthy, practical and calculated.
Passion and enthusiasm are definitely good things to have- but for us, they would prove to be beneficial only when we are able to channelize them into the streams of practical and serious concerns like career and long-term plans.

This month asks us to be mature and serious years ahead of our age.
In relationships, partners who are practical, loyal and hardworking, as well as assisting in advancement of career plans would be a much-welcomed boon.

Financial discipline as well as material rewards for the efforts that we so diligently put in everything we do-no matter how trivial it is for others-also must accompany us this month. 

Sunday, 8 September 2013



Some unresolved emotional pain may result in your turning bitter and vengeful. These unresolved issues from your past might colour your vision of some issue. You will act irrationally due to your head ruling your heart.
To come out of this, you need to forgive someone and let go of the past.

You might be too emotionally involved with someone to impartially see the truth. Or else, you might have to repress your emotional needs because you want to help or love someone.

Being disloyal and unfaithful might appeal to you as easy and tempting options. But beware. “All that glitters is not gold”, as the old adage says. They may give you a small initial leap, but, in the long run, not only would they drag you back a great deal; you’ll also find yourself rendered alone because of these.

Similar is the case with being vain. Vanity might give you a false image of superiority, but then I shall again be a bubble-like, short-lived one.
Nobody likes a snobbish, vain person; no matter how much they pretend otherwise.




The Hermit, my dear Cancerians, is a symbol of introspection and solitude. It asks you to be patient and seek the guidance and advice before taking any further actions. 

The Hermit symbolizes a careful consideration of issues in hand. You may also end up wishing for some peace and quiet before getting back into the hectic schedule of the things.
And that would be a really wise thing to do-because the appearance of this card doesn't only nudge towards the direction of slowness and patience; it also warns you against acting otherwise.
Also, this time alone would enable you to understand your own past better-you would gain an insight into your past actions, events and behaviors, enabling you to be a better person in the future.

This month, it would be better not to take any decisions in haste and take advice from someone you trust before acting any further.

This reflection would also reduce the required efforts in realization of your goals because the careful planning that would follow this deep reflection would eliminate, by foresight, the unnecessary labors.

If you’re suffering from any health problems, the rest, peace and solitude would prove to be beneficial in recovering form it as well.




It appears to me that, in spite of badly wanting to, you are currently unable to act. Whenever you decide to act, the decision of yours would get impeded by you own fears-the fear, actually. The fear of the new, of the unknown, of the nameless and the foreign is what might keep your decisions forever at bay.


You need to realize something-that you have outgrown your current situations. The old habits, old things or the old people might be, may be even unintentionally, hampering your growth. And you would need new people and new situations and challenges to break the stalemate and carry forward the plans that you so meticulously formulate.
You would also feel better equipped to handle the things if, instead of  brooding over the risks involved and what would you stand to lose, you focus and emphasize more over the rewards and possibilities that you might get to harness.

Don’t be in a futile pursuit of worthless goals; just because your pride and lack of humility don’t allow you to abandon them-and thus admit the error in your judgment and fault in your thinking lines and ideas.

Rather than trying too much or too many things at once, try to focus your energies and efforts in any one particular direction.
But for that, you need to find out that one particular goal-which has the enough inspirations for you to motivate you. But remember, the goal should be worthy and rewarding enough for you to spend your resources in its pursuit.

And by the time you achieve it, it would have accomplished its task-of helping you move on.

Thursday, 5 September 2013





My dear bulls; don’t get disheartened by the image itself. I cannot declare this a very positive and welcome card, but it belongs to a class of cards which are far better to have the in the reversed form rather than the upright one, if one has to have them at all.
Such cards are more positive (or less negative) when reversed rather than when upright.

This represents your inability to deal with a pain or a loss. Maybe you already had one (my deepest sympathies go with you, as I, too, am struggling to fight the loss some very dear and loved people) or you’re about to have one (brace yourself, unlike me. I never had a chance to get prepared for either of the losses.).

It also represents that either you would be trying really hard to suppress the grief-trying to numb the pain, that’s what you’re doing-or the current circumstances of yours aren’t allowing you to grieve.
But either way, the fact remains that you’d not be facing the situation-whether by your own deliberate choice or by the circumstantial restraints- and this rarely, if ever, makes the pain go away. Rather, it accentuates it and eventually, it becomes really hard to deal with it.

Also, this grief would unconsciously affect every action and choice of yours.
It can also act as an energy-drain for you-both while keeping it bottled-up inside and venting it out- leaving a much lesser amount available for the life to live.
But even when both the curbing and venting of emotions demand a great deal of your energy and time, I would still advice you to go for the latter because of two reasons.

Firstly, in the long run, it would be a lesser expense of time and energy, all-in-all because when it would ultimately require exhaustion of the two, the sooner you deal with it, the better.

Secondly, inhibited negativeness are like poison. Both keeping the poison in and ejaculating it out requires some pain. But the pains taken for the latter are more worth than the former, aren't they??

Sunday, 1 September 2013




Congratulation, my dear rams!! You have ‘The Sun’ with you. It’s one of the best cards of the tarot, full of brightness, optimism, hopes, and success.


You have most joyous times awaiting you, holidays lying in your wake, good news around the children-maybe you finally are going to have that baby you were so patiently, and yet achingly, waiting for.
Whatever the manner be, this card is sure to bring some serious joy and good news to you and dispel the negativity around you.

Quite possibly, you might be starting a new relationship-which may not last long, in the worst case-but shall surely bring to you a new sense of fulfillment-one that you shall remember for a long, long time.

Sunday, 4 August 2013




You’ll be having a feeling of some kind of ‘lack’ in your life, this month- it’s hard to say whether it’ll be material, financial (these two are way too separate things, please keep in mind, and not the same; as often perceived/imagined), emotional, spiritual, social, or anything else.
But its presence is inevitable and undeniable, that’s for sure.

You might perceive yourself to be deprived or victimized-in life, in emotions, in relationships and who-knows-what-else.


It might also be the case that you yourself would be causing the neglect that is making you suffer.
For example-you might get so much engrossed in your work that you may end up being careless about your emotional needs-like spending time with your family, friends or partner; or you might be neglecting some actual needs of your body-health wise-stating, probably to yourself only, that you don’t have the required time to look after yourself.

Your finances are one thing that you might want to look into, if nothing else.
Troubles are brewing up, inviting hard times-and maybe unemployment too (though the last one comes in the least probability and the worst case).
These hard times might force you to simplify or change your lifestyle to a more humble track.
Re-evaluating what’s more important to you-and prioritizing accordingly- could be a good way to spend these hard times- and wheedle out positive things out of what might be looking to you as the darkest times- with no silver linings visible on the horizon.

Friday, 2 August 2013



The reversed star forewarns of trying situations. It heralds a time when the circumstances shall test your mental strength rather than the physical one. The problems you’ll be facing this month will make you think things like, “Am I actually good enough for it????”, “Did I do right to take up this task???” and most importantly, “Should I even be standing here?????”

But my dear impatient rams (oh yes, you are impatient and not just speedy, quick thinking and quick-acting, as you say), that’s exactly what the star is warning you against. The problems exist, or are posed by the fate in front of you (choose whichever you like); only to see whether or not can you avoid such thinking. Such thinking may lead to lost opportunities (which you could have definitely played on otherwise) only because you were too stymied to grab it.


Don’t lack faith in the life itself-or in yourself. This is a very hazardously negative attitude which may lead to a very unfortunate consequence-You might turn into so cynical a being that you wouldn’t have the least faith in the solution to your problems even when it comes dancing right under your nose.

You might also be getting a feeling that there’s no viable alternative solution to the problem that you’re facing. But that is so not the case. There’re still a lot of hopes-you’re just too lulled and stifled by the non-stimulating circumstances to spot it.
And to overcome this, you need a SHOCK THERAPY.
You need a good dose of a shock or a jerk to wake you up and see the potentialities of the situation as they are.

You might also take a holiday, or at least a small rest, from what life demands of you.

Sunday, 21 July 2013




This July, it shall be your courage, intelligence and your quick wit that would pave the way towards your success. You might want to understand the logic that governs this world-both around you (your friends, family, associates, and colleagues etc.) and the larger world too.

You might experience a gift of words, my dear fishes. You, as well as others who listen to you, might get a feeling that if words alone could do something, you would have single-handedly perfected this entire world. But at the end of the day, it’s not the words that are used to pass the judgment. It’s their impact-the consequence of it all-that stands out. And that is achievable by not just good-sounding words, no matter how well-intended or sincere they are, but putting them to action too.

The conflicts and the whirlwind of events that would follow shall leave you confused and dazed as to what you should do next.
You might get a feeling that everything and everyone is now utterly unreliable-unpredictable to the last degree.
But in actuality it is you who has slowed down-or have been unable to match or increase your pace with the time. So you need to do that. 

Act speedily and you may find yourself either securing an otherwise-impossible opportunity or averting in time an otherwise-definite disaster.

Be careful of what you speak-you are yet to comprehend fully the impact of your words upon anyone or any situation-especially if the former are negative ones.