Thursday, 5 September 2013





My dear bulls; don’t get disheartened by the image itself. I cannot declare this a very positive and welcome card, but it belongs to a class of cards which are far better to have the in the reversed form rather than the upright one, if one has to have them at all.
Such cards are more positive (or less negative) when reversed rather than when upright.

This represents your inability to deal with a pain or a loss. Maybe you already had one (my deepest sympathies go with you, as I, too, am struggling to fight the loss some very dear and loved people) or you’re about to have one (brace yourself, unlike me. I never had a chance to get prepared for either of the losses.).

It also represents that either you would be trying really hard to suppress the grief-trying to numb the pain, that’s what you’re doing-or the current circumstances of yours aren’t allowing you to grieve.
But either way, the fact remains that you’d not be facing the situation-whether by your own deliberate choice or by the circumstantial restraints- and this rarely, if ever, makes the pain go away. Rather, it accentuates it and eventually, it becomes really hard to deal with it.

Also, this grief would unconsciously affect every action and choice of yours.
It can also act as an energy-drain for you-both while keeping it bottled-up inside and venting it out- leaving a much lesser amount available for the life to live.
But even when both the curbing and venting of emotions demand a great deal of your energy and time, I would still advice you to go for the latter because of two reasons.

Firstly, in the long run, it would be a lesser expense of time and energy, all-in-all because when it would ultimately require exhaustion of the two, the sooner you deal with it, the better.

Secondly, inhibited negativeness are like poison. Both keeping the poison in and ejaculating it out requires some pain. But the pains taken for the latter are more worth than the former, aren't they??

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  1. mannu jee, one request hai, kya aap hume batyenge ki mujhe videsh me naukri abhi tak kyon nahi mil rahi hai or milegi ya kya hoga, as my birth date is 08/08/1980.