Sunday, 8 September 2013




It appears to me that, in spite of badly wanting to, you are currently unable to act. Whenever you decide to act, the decision of yours would get impeded by you own fears-the fear, actually. The fear of the new, of the unknown, of the nameless and the foreign is what might keep your decisions forever at bay.


You need to realize something-that you have outgrown your current situations. The old habits, old things or the old people might be, may be even unintentionally, hampering your growth. And you would need new people and new situations and challenges to break the stalemate and carry forward the plans that you so meticulously formulate.
You would also feel better equipped to handle the things if, instead of  brooding over the risks involved and what would you stand to lose, you focus and emphasize more over the rewards and possibilities that you might get to harness.

Don’t be in a futile pursuit of worthless goals; just because your pride and lack of humility don’t allow you to abandon them-and thus admit the error in your judgment and fault in your thinking lines and ideas.

Rather than trying too much or too many things at once, try to focus your energies and efforts in any one particular direction.
But for that, you need to find out that one particular goal-which has the enough inspirations for you to motivate you. But remember, the goal should be worthy and rewarding enough for you to spend your resources in its pursuit.

And by the time you achieve it, it would have accomplished its task-of helping you move on.

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