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First of all, you should be wary of the bullying tactics and selfishness-by yourself as well as others.
It also warns of being the victim (or the victor) of arrogance and selfishness.

So this is high time you shed your pride and the pretense,” I had to” to do something mean, selfish or “had to” be egocentric and venal; that you “have no choice”.
Selfishness is definitely a choice you willingly make.
There’s a difference between being selfish and being self-centered, by the forced hand of circumstances.

The former says, “I have no time unless I see no profit in there for me. To hell with others’ needs. For me, only and only me (this ‘me’ may include a choice few along with you yourself, and don’t think that the inclusion of a few shall make you ‘selfless’)”
While the latter states, “I acknowledge that others need me too. I shall try my best to meet others’ needs to. And even when I am forced to prioritize myself before others, I shall at least have a compassionate heart towards their grievances.”

You also need to get a grip on your outbursts of rage and the urges to be tyrannical that may look enticing when you’re in an angry fit.

Your overinflated ego and arrogance have the potential to cause delays and frustrations, and you shall have none but yourself to blame for it.

Also, be on your guard against the travel plans which may not end up so well, after all.
So, if you can, please try to avoid making any important trip, tour etc., especially a one which is being planned since long.

Apart from travel, the presence of Chariot also warns you to be wary while making other plans as well. Unless they are checked and rechecked and again rechecked for loopholes, all of your major plans better be postponed because they all, unless as I said they are and rechecked and again rechecked for loopholes, are susceptible to delays and frustrations as well.

Another indication of The Chariot reversed is that you've become so much engrossed in emotional issues that you stand in a very real danger of losing any clarity of thought that you possess.
This can lead to various unpleasant incidents in your life. For instance, you may have sudden (and most probably violent too) outbursts of temper leading to some otherwise-would-have-been-avoidable skirmishes.
Or else you may end up pouting away first and then misdirecting your anger towards someone who did nothing to call for it. And I can assure you there are a very few of us who take the issue too kindly.

This card emphasizes on the fact that your unwise choices are your biggest enemy-and maybe the cause of all your anger too.
Combine it with the overreaction which you Sagittarians, unfortunately, possess in a most commendable quantity; and a deadly formula for inflicting utter destruction in your lives is handy.


The best advice in such moments would be to retreat to either some safe place, for a while at least, where your outbursts may cause little or no harm; OR to revert to a safe pattern of behavior at least.
For instance, you could try keeping a total quiet when in doubt of the impact, or even propriety, of your words.

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