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ARIES’ 2014

ARIES’ 2014


The first card, my dear rams, is the High Priestess.

She is a guardian of secrets. Her appearance here indicates a secret.
You’d either be keeping wishing for the revelation of one or you shall end up having or guarding one. Or else, she may be indicating the right time for the revelation of some secret that has been kept hidden in the past.
As a symbol of your intuitiveness and the depths of your subconscious and unconscious mind, she is your guide who’ll help you in tapping into your full potential and deriving power from the inner self. 

The occurrence of this card is also a nudge for you in the direction of more trust over your instincts. Let your intuition lead the way.
It may even be representing a person-someone who is capable of offering you a prudent counsel.

For male rams out there, it might also be signifying a very-maybe most- important woman in your life.
Either she’s about to enter your life; or, if already there, she has a significant role to play in shaping your destiny this year.


The Hermit is a symbol of introspection and solitude. It asks you to be patient and seek the guidance and advice before taking any further actions. 

I know patience has been one of your pet peeves since eternity; but still, a little patience once in a while can’t hurt, isn't it??

The Hermit symbolizes a careful consideration of issues in hand. You may also end up wishing for some peace and quiet before getting back into the hectic schedule of the things.
And that would be a really wise thing to do-because the appearance of this card doesn't only nudge towards the direction of slowness and patience; it also warns you against acting otherwise.
Also, this time alone would enable you to understand your own past better-you would gain an insight into your past actions, events and behaviors, enabling you to be a better person in the future.

This month, it would be better not to take any decisions in haste and take advice from someone you trust before acting any further.

This reflection would also reduce the required efforts in realization of your goals because the careful planning that would follow this deep reflection would eliminate, by foresight, the unnecessary labors.

If you’re suffering from any health problems, the rest, peace and solitude would prove to be beneficial in recovering form it as well.


If you are already undergoing some sort of suffering, I'm so sorry to have to break this to you but, be prepared for some more. If not, be ready for a not-so-moderate dose of it.

Ruin and desolation shall be dogging your footsteps the whole month, so watch out for them and be on every tenterhook that you can; because this year you can't be too cautious.

But don't throw up your hands in despair and wail out your hearts, Martians. At least not yet!!!!

There's a way to avoid, or at least mitigate or minimize, your ordeals and sufferings, if only you keep a bit of patience. I know it's hard for you Mars-dwellers; but I assure you it won't be the least hard than what Ten of Swords wants to offer you.

First of all, I want you to carefully observe the figure in the card. Though it is lying on the ground, stabbed by not one or two but ten swords, I assure you he's not dead. Yet.
This symbolizes the hope I want to give to you.
Now look at the sky. Though it's very dark at most parts, but there's also a streak of light out there. What does this symbolize??? Of course, sunrise. Though till now clouds have been covering the sky, but now their regime is about to crumble. The sun is all set to rise.
Likewise, in spite of many difficulties and challenges that you shall definitely face this July, the hope for your redemption shall never be totally lost. All you'll have to do is to keep an eye open for it, and it shall stop your insides from freezing due to the storm clouds and blizzards of life.

Let me tell you a secret, which should brighten you up (a pinch at least). There's no arguing the fact that this card, Ten of Swords, is indeed a formidable and unlucky one. But being 'reversed' does dilute it to a great extent. Being in reversed form, it indicates that the situation in itself is not as bad as the way you perceive it. You are making a mountain out of, though definitely not a molehill, a hill. Problems might not be as bad as you make them yourself.

Furthermore, your negative, pessimistic attitude may even stop you from witnessing the moment of ending of your sufferings. You may not realize when have your problems ended and new phases of your life begun. And if this indeed happens, it shall be very unfortunate because then you wouldn't even be able to come out of the despite and negativity.

However, if you indeed want to achieve this, you need to ascertain something. Liberate yourself of old patterns of behavior and thoughts, drop the emotional baggage that you might have gathered during your hard times and turn over a whole new leaf. Your life would be too cluttered if you try to accommodate both the old and the new.

This card indicates a turn for the better.

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