Monday, 9 September 2013




Congratulations, fellow Virgos. If nothing else, at least one of our major problems can see a bright streak now-the money.

This card, the Knight of Pentacles, talks of an improvement in our financial situations, the only catch in it being of keeping patience-which shouldn’t be an issue for us­, as we are one of the most patient zodiac natives that are out there, to be seconded by nobody but maybe the Taurean bulls.
But we aren’t counting infinity among numbers, aren’t we?? Because the Taureans indeed have an infinite amount of patience.
But there’s a bad side to it too. The notorious stubbornness of Taureans is also nothing but their patience-turned inside out.

We would need to be hard-working and career-minded this month. And I can totally relate to it, as my own exams are looming over now, closer than ever, along with deadlines for submission of various other projects too.

The approach of ours towards life should be earthy, practical and calculated.
Passion and enthusiasm are definitely good things to have- but for us, they would prove to be beneficial only when we are able to channelize them into the streams of practical and serious concerns like career and long-term plans.

This month asks us to be mature and serious years ahead of our age.
In relationships, partners who are practical, loyal and hardworking, as well as assisting in advancement of career plans would be a much-welcomed boon.

Financial discipline as well as material rewards for the efforts that we so diligently put in everything we do-no matter how trivial it is for others-also must accompany us this month. 

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