Sunday, 4 August 2013




You’ll be having a feeling of some kind of ‘lack’ in your life, this month- it’s hard to say whether it’ll be material, financial (these two are way too separate things, please keep in mind, and not the same; as often perceived/imagined), emotional, spiritual, social, or anything else.
But its presence is inevitable and undeniable, that’s for sure.

You might perceive yourself to be deprived or victimized-in life, in emotions, in relationships and who-knows-what-else.


It might also be the case that you yourself would be causing the neglect that is making you suffer.
For example-you might get so much engrossed in your work that you may end up being careless about your emotional needs-like spending time with your family, friends or partner; or you might be neglecting some actual needs of your body-health wise-stating, probably to yourself only, that you don’t have the required time to look after yourself.

Your finances are one thing that you might want to look into, if nothing else.
Troubles are brewing up, inviting hard times-and maybe unemployment too (though the last one comes in the least probability and the worst case).
These hard times might force you to simplify or change your lifestyle to a more humble track.
Re-evaluating what’s more important to you-and prioritizing accordingly- could be a good way to spend these hard times- and wheedle out positive things out of what might be looking to you as the darkest times- with no silver linings visible on the horizon.

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