Friday, 2 August 2013



The reversed star forewarns of trying situations. It heralds a time when the circumstances shall test your mental strength rather than the physical one. The problems you’ll be facing this month will make you think things like, “Am I actually good enough for it????”, “Did I do right to take up this task???” and most importantly, “Should I even be standing here?????”

But my dear impatient rams (oh yes, you are impatient and not just speedy, quick thinking and quick-acting, as you say), that’s exactly what the star is warning you against. The problems exist, or are posed by the fate in front of you (choose whichever you like); only to see whether or not can you avoid such thinking. Such thinking may lead to lost opportunities (which you could have definitely played on otherwise) only because you were too stymied to grab it.


Don’t lack faith in the life itself-or in yourself. This is a very hazardously negative attitude which may lead to a very unfortunate consequence-You might turn into so cynical a being that you wouldn’t have the least faith in the solution to your problems even when it comes dancing right under your nose.

You might also be getting a feeling that there’s no viable alternative solution to the problem that you’re facing. But that is so not the case. There’re still a lot of hopes-you’re just too lulled and stifled by the non-stimulating circumstances to spot it.
And to overcome this, you need a SHOCK THERAPY.
You need a good dose of a shock or a jerk to wake you up and see the potentialities of the situation as they are.

You might also take a holiday, or at least a small rest, from what life demands of you.

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  1. Really fond of your monthly readings.Why you r nt posting monthly predictions fr other sun signs ??? waiting so eagerly to read post them at earliest.Thanks