Sunday, 21 July 2013




This July, it shall be your courage, intelligence and your quick wit that would pave the way towards your success. You might want to understand the logic that governs this world-both around you (your friends, family, associates, and colleagues etc.) and the larger world too.

You might experience a gift of words, my dear fishes. You, as well as others who listen to you, might get a feeling that if words alone could do something, you would have single-handedly perfected this entire world. But at the end of the day, it’s not the words that are used to pass the judgment. It’s their impact-the consequence of it all-that stands out. And that is achievable by not just good-sounding words, no matter how well-intended or sincere they are, but putting them to action too.

The conflicts and the whirlwind of events that would follow shall leave you confused and dazed as to what you should do next.
You might get a feeling that everything and everyone is now utterly unreliable-unpredictable to the last degree.
But in actuality it is you who has slowed down-or have been unable to match or increase your pace with the time. So you need to do that. 

Act speedily and you may find yourself either securing an otherwise-impossible opportunity or averting in time an otherwise-definite disaster.

Be careful of what you speak-you are yet to comprehend fully the impact of your words upon anyone or any situation-especially if the former are negative ones.

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