Thursday, 4 July 2013



Basically Nine of Swords is a card of anxiety and despair. It shows that this month shall see you grappling against the circumstances, engulfed in apprehension and desolation.
But, on the other hand, this card also heralds of a time where your hardships, once they have had their peak, may start to fade away-only if you are sensible enough to notice that and not worry yourselves in excess.

This card also shows that many of your problems, or the high degrees of them, exist only on the level of your mental planes rather than hard actuality.
If you notice the figure in the picture, though she has nine swords over her, all of them are there in such a manner that their points form a nearly smooth arc, implying that they’re fastened there and shall not fall over the maiden, however perplexed she appears with their presence.
In the same fashion, many of your problems might either be exaggerated figments of your own imagination or, at least, might not be in as bad a shape as you perceive them to be.
May be some of them might even be there just to annoy you and rob you of your night’s sleep rather than to do some actual harm; just like I may stand in front of you with an empty gun(though I wouldn’t let you know that) and wave it in your face just to terrorize you.

If your tensions and worries are there regarding a relationship, stop looking for superficial solutions to the problem.

You are flustered on a deep, maybe unconscious or subconscious, level. And so wading into the shore pools will not get you anywhere. Either come out of the waters completely, let go of all the worries and let destiny run its own course or go into the deepest abysses of your mind, heart and soul to get a grip on the problem.

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