Sunday, 7 July 2013




My dear Librans, though you undoubtedly are my favorite Zodiac natives (my heartiest apologies to fellow Virginians), but this wouldn’t stop me from being reprimanding where I find you going wrong-and tipping your scales away from the harmony that you need.

The Queen of Pentacles, in reversed form, shows that you would go very much suspicious, materialistic and insecure.
You would go about worrying yourself sick about the financial matters and being overly protective about the people about you-to such an extent that you have become downright unpleasant and suffocating; stifling their growth and progress.

You shall be no longer yourself-the real, natural you that you are. You would become too involved and tangled up in materialistic issues-like career, finances etc. - to take care of your emotions, and your spiritual self.

And that might seriously tarnish your reputation. People may take you to be overly career-oriented and overambitious, with a come-what-may determination for moving ahead with finances.
And that’s highly unfortunate because in reality, this month would turn you, inwardly at least, very much child-like. Your emotions would be immature and irresponsible-but not the least cold, calculating and aloof persona that you would be projecting.

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