Tuesday, 9 July 2013




Quiet trying a month you have, Scorpions, ahead of you. The Judgment, in reversed form, is a card for loss, guilt and self-reproach for the loss incurred.

This means one thing for sure. You would, inevitably, have to deal with some or the other kind of loss-whether it shall be your own loss, or someone else’s for which you would feel or be held responsible.
And that you would have to deal with the reprimanding for the abovementioned losses –more your own than others’-is also one more sure thing. The reason probably would be that the circumstances surrounding the unfortunate loss would be so that you would feel that it occurred because of you.

But you also need to get over and past this sense of self-accusation, for this can just cause you more and more fear, stopping you from moving ahead-blurred by paranoia-and thus bars your growth, without serving any positive purpose.

One more negative tendency that this card warns against is obstinacy, and a refusal to move with change, against the change-even when the change is most necessary.
This too serves no other purpose except causing more-and-more delays to your plans, growth and development.

The last thing that this card warns against is acting without a clear vision of the consequences of your actions-which you performed in the past as well as those which you plan to perform in the due course of your plans.

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