Sunday, 21 July 2013




King of Cups talks about your turning into a stagnant pond, because of holding up to the unresolved past and not let your emotions flow spontaneously.

This card also warns you against a tendency towards being treacherous and secretive, as you’ll be acting self-centered!!

You should also be wary of the bouts of sulking and emotional withdrawal if you don’t have your way. You may also get a temptation of being vengeful and punishing those whom you hold responsible for your negative circumstances. But please stay away from these, as they are strictly against your nature and shall do you no good.
You also need to stay away from alcohol, drugs or any other kind of self-deluding means. You shouldn't resort to deceiving yourself about the reality of life.

The anger pent up inside you needs to be let out for you to regain your emotional balance and your usual, cheerful self.
You would yourself, unconsciously, sabotage your attempts to success by your bitter emotions and pent-up anger and hatred.

For one more thing, it may also represent you trying to act as a peace mediator, trying to bring peace and reconciliation between two factions, but failing to persuade the rivals to come to an understanding.

You need this diplomacy and tact because King of cups tells you that these traits would be of great use to us this July. You’ll find yourselves caught up in a situation; no matter how hard do you try to avoid it, where you shall have to act as a mediator between two opposite parties or factions of a dispute, argument or conflict.
But be warned in advance. The being reversed of this card tells that most probably you would not be able to persuade the above mentioned rivals to come to an understanding or ceasefire at least.
But that doesn’t mean that you should give up or not try. You might still be able to ensure that minimum damage is caused by the conflict or the factions hurt each other the least.

This card also talks of emotional hardships in your own lives this June. But they shouldn’t become your excuse to get sulky or withdraw from people just because certain people didn’t act the way you wanted them to or because your emotional egos are not appeased.
The anger that you’ll feel, and shall try to hide behind apathy and a mild depression, shall need to be vented out through an outlet before your creative energies can flow through your grey matter.
Your success shall be thwarted by none other than your own hidden motives and blocked creativity.
You’ll get into so dark and negative a mood that you might be sabotaging your own attempts at success, subconsciously. And if given a chance, you may do the same to some other person who tries to help us to succeed.
And this is something you shall need to seriously work on avoiding this July.

And one more thing, though you may pride yourselves on the fierce control that you exercise on your emotions but the upcoming month is the time to let your hair down a bit, figuratively.
This over control of feelings could stop us from expressing the truth of your feelings and desires. And this is most undesirable.
This might not only stifle your emotional self and cause the above mentioned anger, apathy and depression but someone who gets to know of this emotional weakness of yours can use this knowledge or emotional blackmail to control us.
This July, it’s time to open up and focus on real wisdom, which means that you might have to accept and be aware of not only your assets and strengths but your weaknesses and liabilities as well. And you should be able to work with the last two, to be really wise. 

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