Saturday, 6 July 2013



Your fortunes are in a back gear, Your High and Mighty Majesties- retreating. The luck is about to take back what it had endowed upon you some time ago.

Coming up are the times of misfortunes and unpleasant surprises. But most of all, you will start to feel-at least a little, even if you are super-cynical-your life and its problems ‘fated’-predestined, inevitable, inescapable.
You will start to feel yourself losing control of your life, feelings and emotions. And here it lays the catch.
Though it’s beyond doubt that it is indeed the fate which is pitting problems against you, but it’s YOU-and only YOU-who can get over them-if you want to end things fast.

But there are upsides to this card too, so you need not fret too much-Too much of worry diminishes regal beings, like you undoubtedly are, to the generalized, mundane level of ordinary existence, you know.

What are they??


Firstly, this is a very temporary card; and chances are that your problems may fizz out themselves by the end of the month-though you do need to work on them if you want them to end sooner.
Good or bad; the times heralded by this card are very short-tenured. Neither does the good luck shown by it lasts much, nor the bad.

Secondly, as you already do know (and so is probably almost useless to remind you) that bad times end only when they have, at least, scraped their lowest point. And this card says that those times aren’t too far away. Soon the wheel shall rise to a high point (or at least neutral one) and all shall be well once again.

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