Thursday, 4 July 2013




The Hierophant is a card symbolizing the moral law. It tells you, my dear bulls, that this month, be more moralistic than ‘provident’ or ‘realistic’.
This does not mean that you need to throw the practical caution or approach down your side window. Rather, this card says that when in a dilemma of choice between what’s moral and what’s legal, what’s right and what’s beneficial (which opportunists often christen ‘practical’ but what’s actually disguised-selfishness), always go for the moral one this month rather than the other one.
For example: you see a handsome amount entered in your bank account even when no such amount is due into it. Then, following the simple logic, it is clear that it happened by accident. Then the moral approach would be to try to find the person who committed this mistake and return the amount; while legally you’re at liberty to keep it because the person did it out of what’s legally ‘free will’.
Then here, The Hierophant asks you to take the moral option. I know the latter one is easier and much more lucrative too, but it shall cause you a nearly-unredeemable moral lapse.

This card also advises you to take the guidance and advice from a wise, experienced and efficient advisor if some issue is too big or complicated for you to handle all by yourself.

There’s one more choice which The Hierophant rules-the one between age-old wisdom and newfound brilliance, between the traditional, and conventional; and the latest.

This card favors all the former ones, and asks you to follow the suite.

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  1. your blog is the best thing that ever happened in my life. My timber business had almost gone to pot due to skirmishes between me and my very efficient and countable secretary, over a minor snappishness of hers. when she left my place, we were doing almost 400 $ per day, and that was the lowest figure. but within a month, the total monthly sales were unable to cross 200$ mark.

    but yet i was adamant not to seek her out because i considered her behavior totally unjustified. but then one day a worker of mine mentioned your blog and i, in total cynicism, opened it and read my the section describing Taurus' June 2013..and it bloody did suite me. i had indeed been cheated upon by my wife, breaking my heart and leaving me with weakened cardiac and blood pressure conditions..

    and when i turned to sophie's May 2013(she's a libra) i almost cried my eyes out. if what you wrote was right(which, i believe, is), the poor girl had been struggling more than even me. and there i was, an ungrateful bastard, overlooking 17 years of unfailing servitude for trifles..

    i instantly phoned and apologized to her. and now not only is she back in my company, she has moved in with me and we're happily enjoying an awesome casual, open relationship... all thanks to you..