Saturday, 19 January 2013

ARIES' 2013

                                                       ARIES' 2013

Looks like the rams have a challenging year coming up!!!!!!!! And this doesn't seem much surprising to me seeing that the Aries is ruled by the fiery Mars, planet and deity of war and conflict, whereas 2013 adds to 6(=2+0+1+3), the no. of Venus, planet and deity of peace and harmony!!!!!!!! So basically 2013 is quite opposite their very nature, for our poor rams who already have bitten more than they can chew!!!!

Anyways the first card for the Arians is

 The reversed Emperor is a sign of immaturity and failure of ambitions due to lack of self-discipline. This warns you to be more patient and act maturely while making important decisions. While some may have found your childish demeanor cute and might have even complimented you for it, the fate is in no mood this year to tolerate it. Also, your self-discipline-which might have been rusting in the tool shed for quite some time-needs to be rubbed and cleaned because it’s going to be the key factor, as far as the emperor’s indications are concerned!!!!!

The second card for the Arians is

The reversed star forewarns of trying situations. It heralds a time when the circumstances shall test your mental strength rather than the physical one. The problems you’ll be facing this year will make you think things like, “Am I actually good enough for it????”, “Did I do right to take up this task???” and most importantly, “Should I even be standing here?????”

But my dear impatient rams (oh yes, you are impatient and not just speedy, quick thinking and quick-acting, as you say), that’s exactly what the star is warning you against. The problems exist, or are posed by the fate in front of you (choose whichever you like); only to see whether or not can you avoid such thinking. Such thinking may lead to lost opportunities (which you could have definitely played on otherwise) only because you were too stymied to grab it.

And the third card is
But don’t despair yet, soldiers of Mars!!!!! You also have Seven of Wands in the end, which is guaranteeing you ultimate success in face of the challenges, only if you stick around long enough!!!!!! The only thing Seven of Wands asks you is to channel your energy in one direction, of a single purpose.

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  1. not feeling good after reading this..
    but thank you for the alert.. :)