Tuesday, 22 January 2013


             GEMINIS’ 2013

Looks like you are going to have an interesting year, dear Geminis. The last year was definitely yours and this year, adding up to 6(=2+0+1+3), is not against you by its own nature!!!!! All you need to do is just to watch out for certain things described as under:

The first card is:-

Opposite to the popular misconception (and fear), this card doesn't always signify a physical death. However, it does mean endings, and beginnings as well. It tells that something major has come to an end. And in the reversed form, it says that you might be apprehensive of or might try to avoid/stop the change (Frankly Geminis, since when did you start doing that?????????? I thought you loved the change!!!!!).

The advice of the card is simple to sound and yet hard to follow-Don’t avoid the currents of change. Rather, let yourself flow with it, for the change is inevitable and no further growth is possible without it. The scythe of the figurine in the Death card is breaking the ground for something new.

And the next card is
At the foremost, The Chariot is a card of travel and in the reversed form, it warns you against them.  It tells of the travel plans that don’t go well.

Also, it tells us about someone who either bullies you or gets bullied by you. It also warns of being the victim (or the victor) of arrogance and selfishness.

Apart from travel (which you Geminis absolutely love), the presence of Chariot also warns you to be wary while making other plans as well. Unless they are checked and rechecked and again rechecked for loopholes, all of your major plans better be postponed because they all, unless as I said they are and rechecked and again rechecked for loopholes, are susceptible to delays and frustrations as well.

And now the final card:

SORRY to break that on you guys, but things doesn't look too good on the love-front as well. The Ace of Cups reversed is a card of lost love and despair. So an obvious warning would be to keep n check the reins of your heart this year. I don’t want to say that all the Geminis should become stone-cold and aloof for the whole year, in the matters of the heart. But just be extra careful and avoid taking important decisions like marriage, divorce, a long-term commitment or a break-up from a long relationship. When these things have waited so long, let them wait for one more year, if it doesn't hurt too much to procrastinate.

As for the despair thing, it may come to you out of the romantic arena as well. But it shall still be of a romantic kind. And the main reason for that will be your over-dependency on others, in the emotional way. Don’t try to look for emotional fulfillment from others. This year, the emotional and spiritual fulfillment has to be from inside.

You may take help from the inclusive and supportive friends and family but finally nobody can become happy in your stead, and you need to realize that. And if you don’t want to take help from any friends or family, start some hobby or activity that emotionally compliments and completes you.

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