Tuesday, 2 April 2013


                    CANCERS’ 2013

Cancer is the sign of motherhood, care and emotions-and so is in natural affinity with the no. 6- the ruling no. of 2013. This year looks to be most promising for the Cancerians since you are the only sun-sign who have all the upright cards.

So the first card for the Cancerians is:


This year shall be of special luck to those who are in the careers of sales, teaching, coaching sports teams, and acting, singing, professional sports and most of the other outdoor jobs.

Also the life may test you through situations that demand a considerable amount of wisdom. So be sure to gain and develop that, along with a psychological balance. You’ll have to merge the practicality and flexibility with your high ideals, for it is only then that you shall be able to act with integrity.

The challenges you shall face this year shall make you fight a lot- not with the people but with the situations and circumstances.
The key here shall be to channel your energy into one single direction-and tackle one problem at a time. There’s also a chance that these problems may crop up all of a sudden, catching you off guard-which may mean that either you were a bit lax or that these problems were unforeseeable.

But there isn’t much to fret as the upright position of Seven of Wands guarantees you ultimate success. All you need to do is to find your courage- and cling to it until the very end.

Cups are the suits of emotions, dear crabbies, and your ruler-Moon-is the planet that rules our emotions.

This card asks us to introspect-to look within-in order to find our answers, to know who we are. It’s only then you shall know what you want-what fulfills you and wilds up your dreams. You need to find your true self from within yourselves in order to get the blissful internal peace that all Cancerians crave (some show that while the others don’t, though).

This card also points to imaginations as well. Try to imagine out your answers and solutions instead of pondering over volumes to get a cut-and-dried readymade one.


  1. Hmm...Astro :) awsm prediction....lets Hope for the Best.......