Sunday, 28 April 2013




Let me put it straight and clear, Librans, because I think you already have too much confusions tangling the threads of your life without my adding up one more to them.

In spite of your pleasing demeanor and charming air, deep inside you’re not tolerant of others’ faults. And while their faults may hold them back or not is another debatable issue (and I know you’d love a debate-which you like to call an ‘intellectual discussion’-on that), being intolerant of them is definitely holding you back.
Instead of focusing on others’ mistakes, I would advise you to spend this May on self-awareness.

Your insecurities and fears might be the reason behind such attitudes. But you will have to overcome this; or there’s no way ahead.

You need to look out for those who won’t be playing fair and abiding by the rules of the game. They can try to beat you by unfair means.

But remember. All they can do is to try.  What shall actually defeat you will be your own “I give up” and it shall tempt you most when you’ll be just a step or two short of the finish line.
So when you feel the most sincere urge of giving up, hold on just a moment longer. The success shall be kissing your feet in a matter of moments.

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