Friday, 19 April 2013

PISCES' 2013

PISCES' 2013

Hello, dear Pisceans. Finally it’s time for you, the esoterically sensitive fishes, to hear out what this mysterious and perplexing year has to offer to you in its platter.

Your first card is


First of all, you should be wary of the bullying tactics and selfishness-by yourself as well as others.
But I think it’s more you than others. The reason behind is that The Chariot is the card no. 7, and 7 is the no. of Neptune, your ruler-the ruler of Pisces. So I think there are more chances of this being you rather than others.
So this is high time you shed your pride and the pretense,” I had to” to do something mean, selfish or “had to” be egocentric and venal; that you “have no choice”.
Selfishness is definitely a choice you willingly make.
There’s a difference between being selfish and being self-centered, by the forced hand of circumstances.
The former says, “I have no time unless I see no profit in there for me. To hell with others’ needs. For me, only and only me (this ‘me’ may include a choice few along with you yourself, and don’t think that the inclusion of a few shall make you ‘selfless’)”
While the latter states, “I acknowledge that others need me too. I shall try my best to meet others’ needs to. And even when I am forced to prioritize myself before others, I shall at least have a compassionate heart towards their grievances.”

Remember that those born under the sign of Pisces are meant to serve the mankind and the society and take an unselfish stand.
If you make this stand willingly and voluntarily, the chances are almost certain that the universe shall support you and lend you a valuable hand by taking care of your needs and wants itself, leaving you free to serve the mankind. The best example for the same cannot be any better than Albert Einstein, who chose to serve the mankind by grappling with the most perplexing mysteries of physics.
However, you may decide to fight this destiny of yours and it’s almost certain you’ll still end up serving the society, minus any glory or greatness. You’ll be a non-entity who’ll serve the society sweeping the roads and floors, serving the dinners and luncheons etc.
You can’t fight your destiny. You can only determine what to make of it.

You also need to get a grip on your outbursts of rage and the urges to be tyrannical that may look enticing when you’re in an angry fit.

Your overinflated ego and arrogance have the potential to cause delays and frustrations, and you shall have none but yourself to blame for it.

Also, be on your guard against the travel plans which may not end up so well, after all.


I have no other choice but to acknowledge that this card does sound real bad. It warns against lust and moral lapse caused by giving in to temptations and resulting in confusions and indecisions.
Being unfaithful to your own morals can, or rather I should say will definitely, make your relationships to fail; separate you and leave you emotionally lost and wounded.
And even after suffering to such an extent, you may feel a strong determination to not ‘give up’. And that would be the worst thing to do, because you’re not being patient or adamant-you’re being stubborn. You’re refusing to give up on something you definitely know to be wrong; and you still want to hold on to that. And even more, you want to be actually rewarded for persistently being wrong-and bad.

All-in-all, time is definitely not a suitable one for relationships. Hold on to yours carefully.

The key shall be to stick up to what you know to be morally right-without giving in to the lure of the ‘easy path’.


The first message of the card is straightforward- CHANGE YOUR COMPANY.
The current one is not the right one for you. You do not ‘fit’ among them, and you know it-on the subconscious level. And yet you deliberately choose to ignore it because of your self-created illusion that you enjoy the party you’re currently attending; and you are too busy enjoying it to reflect and contemplate whether you even ought to be where you are or not.

You lack real support from those you keep company-they’re too busy accomplishing their own ends to give a real thought to what you need; what you deserve and what you ought to have.

The way forward shall be to get away from all the company-and objectively, impersonally try to judge the goodness and impact of each person in your life. And after you know who really care for you and who are just using you as a tool, throw them out.
And I shall deliberately leave for you to decide the definition of ‘them’. You shall have to definitely throw some people out-that is unavoidable. But I leave it for you to decide whether you want to keep masters or friends, for both cannot coexist in your life together this year.


  1. hi
    i just wanted to know if you are single or not??? because i really wanna go out with you!!!!

    i haven't been able to sleep ever since i read about my sun sign scorpio on your blog. what you wrote was true to the last morsel.

    i have added you on my G+ circles. message me asap.

  2. hi there. i just wanted to tell you that you're fabulous and awesome writer, apart from your talent in this tarot field . i never enjoyed these divination things before, because the writers wrote it in a boring and too simple manner. they never left any room for me to take any decisions.

    but i like your way. you explain the choices and their consequences clearly and in detail, but still leave it up to us to take the decision. i like that thing. please keep it up.

    and by the way, do you write any weekly or monthly predictions for any newspaper or magazine??? 'cause if you do, please let me know. i'm gonna subscribe it right away...

  3. hello sir. do you give advice on phone???

    1. unfortunately no. but you can contact me on the facebook link below.

  4. hi mc. i'm sajal ali, a pakistani model and actor.

    i want you to know that i really love your blog and i follow it with fervent devotion. i was just wondering if you would do a relationship reading fro me!!!!!

    1. definitely ma'am. you can contact me on the facebook link below.

  5. hey there. i just wanted you to know that with the Pisces, you're being too harsh and rude, though what you say is correct in essence.

    please be gentle to us just like the way you are with the other sun signs.

    1. i beg your pardon sir, and apologize. i'll definitely keep that in mind, though i assure you it was never intentional.

  6. good job, man. but what're you gonna do next??

    got some plans in mind??

    1. started a monthly forecast. did you read???

  7. dear sir
    your posts till date are awesome. but i do have to agree with amit verma sir. you ARE a bit harsh to the pisces.

    but anyways, please start a monthly forecast after this. i am a real fan of yours and would surely like to read that and be prepared in advance.

    1. started the monthly forecast. did you read???

  8. hello sir.

    can you predict for ipl as well???? i have a bet with my friend that rr will win, he says. but i feel it's either csk or kkr. what's your say???

    1. difficult to say, rohit.
      also, i don't want to be though of as a supporter of betting!!!!!
      but going by numerology, both csk and kkr do have almost certain chances to enter semis, along with any two of rcb, rr and pwi.

  9. hi mc. i'm a bft student. can you tell me if i should go for mba or ias after bft???

    also please don't bother clicking on this url. i typed it randomly cuz i dint hav a gmail a/c nd dey were nt allowing me to post thru yahoo id. i'm dere in ur folower list.

    1. you can contact me on the facebook link below.

  10. bonjour manuu chakravartyy.

    Je suis Dina shaltz, un créateur de mode du New Jersey, Etats-Unis. j'aime simplement votre blog et le concept simple et facile à comprendre le langage et les exemples que vous utilisez.
    pouvez-vous faire une lecture de tarot pour ma fille?

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