Monday, 15 April 2013


Good morning, Capricornians. Now it’s your turn, for which you have patiently waited.


I’m really surprised, ladies and gentlemen!! Are you sure you actually are Capricorns, born under the disciplined and focused Saturn?
Because Five of Wands clearly contradicts that!! It’s the card indicating a need to gather your focus, which is essential to achieve your goals-whether it’s your personal life or a professional one, in a relationship or in your social circle!!
Well, if you’re sure not to have mistaken your date f birth, you have my full sympathy. Because it takes a real bagful of troubles to deter the saturnine focus you’re born with. But this doesn’t mean that you don’t need to gather yourself.
You need to tackle things one-at-a-time, which you’re no doubt best at, and the ploy which prefer.
You also need to become realistic and practical at the time, not letting your heart rule your head.
You need to work with people who’re like-minded as you, and who also share with you a mutual goal.

But you also need to be wary of fraud, deception as well as bitterness. You need to watch out for people trying these on you as well as you need to ensure that you don’t fall prey to these tendencies being developed inside you.


Congratulation, Capies!! You have ‘The Sun’ with you. It’s one of the best cards of the tarot, full of brightness, optimism, hopes, and success.
You have most joyous times awaiting you, holidays lying in your wake, good news around the children-maybe you finally are going to have that baby you were so patiently, and yet achingly, waiting for.
Whatever the manner be, this card is sure to bring some serious joy and good news to you and dispel the negativity around you.

Quiet possibly, you might be starting a new relationship-which may not last long, in the worst case-but shall surely bring to you a new sense of fulfillment-one that you shall remember for a long, long time.


You want to find something out, and yet you fear finding it out? Now what is this, children of Saturn?? I mean, I can understand that some of you are undergoing some really serious inner turmoil to be confused to this level. But it’s still a pain to watch people as clear headed as you rambling with confusion.
But I do have an answer to this dilemma.
It’s high time for you to develop your awareness and listen to your intuition. The best person to guide you about what you really want and where are you going is none but you yourself.
But it’s not that outer self that you put up before me, your friends, your family-or even your partners in relationship or marriage. I’m talking of that you which you and only you are familiar with. I’m talking of the person that you are when you are alone-and calm.
Your heart holds many secrets-including the answer to all this fear and confusion business. But it shall be revealed only to the real you-and that shall happen only when you are actually true to your reflection the mirror-to your real self that lies in your heart.
You may also need to develop your emotional communication a bit as well-people really close to your heart do have a right to know what’s going on inside you.

The High Priestess may also mean that you’re feeling emotionally insecure. This may also tempt you into using emotional blackmail to achieve your ends.
But that would be seriously not advisable. The reason behind your emotional insecurity, what I feel, is again your inability to communicate and your dishonesty with yourself-as well as others, though the latter may not be true in all the cases.
And the use of emotional blackmail is the worst way out. It shall surely backfire on you; leaving you stranded alone on the bank of raging sea of difficult emotions.

This card once again points out also to secrets being kept form you and hidden obstacles and opponents (remember Five of Wands?? If not, immediately scroll up and re-read that).

And men, be especially beware of a woman who is being a bad influence on you.

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  1. Hi, I'm Bilal-al-Masood, from Ahmedabad. I was told of your site by an ex-girlfriend. At first, I was skeptical, but as I read your posts, one by one, all my doubts started to vanish.

    All people around me are behaving exactly as you wrote in your blog. And I am testifying this after testing this upon the behavior of more than 50 people around me.

    Do you do Professional Tarot Card Readings as well?? Because I am really worried, and need help desperately.

    Please do reply.