Saturday, 13 April 2013


Just like Virgos, Scorpions too prefer a no-nonsense modus operandi. So without any further beating-round-the-bush that may angry these guys, I shall move straight to the first card, which is


Four of Swords is the card of mental consolidation. It represents a time for you to review your past actions and words, and the consequences and impact they had. It’s time elucidate the track and course of life, to reflect over and make sense of life itself.
If you’re able to distinguish between sound opportunities, that offer a solid growth, and prospects of futile efforts; that shall surely be a time-savior in the long run.
Anyhow, you need to spare time to pause, sit down and spend quite time for reflection, because thoughts about the future and its possibilities can otherwise over-excite you, scatter your (precious, mind you) energies or cause you disturbance and pain.


Queen of Pentacles stands for financial responsibilities. It doesn’t mean you have to start living frugally; you just need to plan your finances prudently, keeping in mind the ever uncertain certainty of the moment next to come.
You need to be down to earth and keep your feet grounded at least, if not the head itself. I know that you do it nearly all the time, silly airiness being just opposite to your basic nature; but this warning is for just in case!!!!!
In a nutshell, this is a card which indicates your success finding you through your practical planning and your realistic approach to your goals.

Also, this card gives a minor warning as well-don’t be over-protective of the ones you love. Not only can this stifle their growth and development, it may strain your relationship with them as well.

Your fear may be the dominating and decisive emotion in the decisions you make, which may force you to choose the options and make decisions which may not be your best ones.

The lack of success in any venture can be mostly attributed to a lack of energy, or perhaps lack of courage and inner-strength.

Also you need to train yourselves against being over-reliant on others, and being shy or introverted. These tendencies also have a great potential to be impede your development.

Another thing you need to watch out for is a vindictive tendency. Your thirst for revenge, on every small thing too, can be great impedance in your path. You need to check that in order to ensure your own growth and development.


  1. gr8 :) i'll keep all these things in my mind

    1. thank you harman. i'll soon be starting a monthly prediction column as well. so be sure to keep a tab.