Monday, 15 April 2013



Hey there, dear Water-Bearers!! It’s nice to see you. Want to go for a walk??
After all, it’s the complex human mind, the destinies governing the lives, and their complexities that we are talking about, right?? So why not make ourselves comfortable first??

Are you comfortable now?? Are your minds all set, sure of being undeterred by any distractions?? If yes, here’s the first card.

Hmmm, so you have The Moon, right? It’s a card depicting the year ahead to be of highly charged emotions and confusion. Pretty interesting, isn’t it?? Does it ring a bell??
In astrology, Moon is the planet of feelings and emotions; and in the symbolism of the card below, it is shown guiding the path. Does that mean something to you??
Follow your hunches, your emotions and your intuition. That’s the right path, the path you are meant to follow.
Even if the path you’re following is a tough one and the alternatives easy and enticing, stick to yours. In the end, everything shall turn out to be right and you shall have the privilege of destiny itself justifying your decisions.
The Moon can lead to artistic expression through art, writing or music, which may lead to unexpected opportunities. So artists, writers and musicians, this is your year. Make the best out of it.

The Moon also asks you to accept the mystifying nature of the life; and not be lured by the illusion of simplicity and over-rationalism. Remember, mystery permeates life at all times; though we usually refuse to acknowledge it.


You amaze me, Aquarians!!! You, afraid of moving on?? Since when???
It is your very fear of moving on that’s creating problems in your life. Though the past was definitely good, close to your heart and comfortable; but now, it has gone insignificant!! It offers you nothing more-no more growth, no further development of yours. And sticking to it shall not change the truth.

You need to be wary of restlessness, dissatisfaction and unrealistic goals.
I know being restless and constantly moving is ingrained in your very nature. But that is not going to help you out in solving any of your problems.
Dissatisfaction is nothing but a forerunner of frustration, I feel. Don’t be complacent-it does nothing but stagnating growth and development. But don’t be mean enough not to acknowledge feats, achievements and progress; of others as well as yourself-no matter how small or insignificant they seem.
Unrealistic goals do not add to your achievements-they add weight only to your liabilities. Be optimistic; be different but within the limits of practicality.

You need to reassess your need and opportunities and prioritize accordingly.


Nine of Cups reversed indicates a need to see the other person’s viewpoints as well; no matter how accomplished or well-versed with the concept you are.

Instead of finding faults in others, this year try a bit of critical self-exploration!!!
Beware if vanity and complacency. They may block your vision of the truth.

You may also feel isolated spiritually and emotionally from those around you; for you shall find them unable to meet up to your needs.
You need to spend some time with yourself because ultimately it’s only you who feeds your soul the feelings it desires.


  1. I was earlier a skeptic and a non-believer in fortune-telling and divination. I had, in my college days, even written long articles in magazines of the likes of Delhi Press ridiculing these as idiotic or sly practices. But the fervent feedback of my family, friends and especially my girlfriend forced me to give you a shot.

    I decided to check out your blog. And by the time I had finished, I was a completely different man. I have now complete faith in you and I have had a literal transformation by your blog.

    Please do not stop your noble work. You're bound to be some noble spirit born on this Earth to lead the way of light in the darkest of days.

  2. impresionante, hombre!!
    súper gusta!
    felicitaciones a usted .....
    usted es el topuc más tendencia de mi escuela secundaria.

    dicho sea de paso, hola, soy craig cristiano de Caracas, capital de Venezuela. Estoy en GradSchool y quiero que sepas que eres el tema más tendencia de mi clase en la actualidad.

    mi primo dice que tiene la mayor cantidad fantasías para usted ....

    hombre que pensé que era todo una mierda hasta que leí su blog. ya pesar de lo que escribes hace chupar, de una manera literaria, pero los hechos son totalmente correcto.

    ¿puede decirme si voy a ser capaz de seducir a la chica me imagino???

  3. oh, sorry man!!!!

    awesome, man!!!!
    super like!!
    hats off to you.....
    you're the most trending topuc of my high school.

    by the way, hi, i'm craig christian from caracas, capital of venezuela. i'm in gradschool and want you to know that you're the most trending topic of my class nowadays.

    my cousin says she has the widest fancies for you....

    man i thought it was all bullshit until i read your blog. and though what you write does suck,in a literary way, but the facts are totally right.

    can you tell me if i'll be able to seduce the gal i fancy???

    please reply fast!!!

  4. I cant say that its truly transformed my life but yes it is really awesome...
    I can really relate it to myself...
    Although I fear knowing about my future( reason being i want to enjoy the surprises of future) but i still cannot stop myself from reading this blog...

  5. its really fantastic.......its a great blog

    1. thank you tushar ji!!!! keep an eye open for our monthly predictions for your sun sign. would i be right ne in presuming it to be Aquarius??

  6. i m kinda liking this thing...

    1. thank you sham ji. do come back around 30/01-01/05 for predictions for may, 2013.

  7. awesome and fabulous post.... but where is this year's forecast??