Sunday, 14 April 2013


HELLO SAGITTARIANS, what’s going on? Enjoying yourself, pumping out your jovial nature? I bet you surely are!

Personally, I may favor the Librans, but in actuality, it’s the Sagittarians who are the brightest-just by the happy-go-luck warm furnace built inside them.

So we’ll definitely be having fun together, isn't it?

Let’s move to your first card!!!!

I’m really surprised, Sagittarians!! You guys are being embittered?? But why?? This is exactly opposite to your natural nature. Please snap out of it, as soon as possible.

King of Cups talks about your turning into a stagnant pond, because of holding up to the unresolved past and not let your emotions flow spontaneously.

This card also warns you against a tendency towards being treacherous and secretive, as well acting self-centered!! And I don’t think it’ it shall be too hard for the jovial Archers that you are, as par your astrological reputation.

You should also be wary of the bouts of sulking and emotional withdrawal if you don’t have your way. You may also get a temptation of being vengeful and punishing those whom you hold responsible for your negative circumstances. But please stay away from these, as they are strictly against your nature and shall do you no good.
You also need to stay away from alcohol, drugs or any other kind of self-deluding means. You shouldn't resort to deceiving yourself about the reality of life.

The anger pent up inside you needs to be let out for you to regain your emotional balance and your usual, cheerful self.
You yourself unconsciously sabotage your attempts to success by your bitter emotions and pent-up anger and hatred.

For one more thing, it may also represent you trying to act as a peace mediator, trying to bring peace and reconciliation between two factions, but failing to persuade the rivals to come to an understanding.

Congrats, “the world is yours!” you can look forward to success in relationships and all other creative enterprises.

The World heralds the arrival of your heart's desire, whatever that may be, a time of achievement, recognition, success and triumph.


This is the card of being too dull or pessimistic, and you need to lighten up a bit to clarify your issues.

Also, this card can be pointing to your lazy, complacent indiscipline and you facing financial setbacks and lacking success in career due to it. What you need is a definite direction for your energy-one which both delights and, materially, rewards you.
You need to end your dependency over others to rise to your aid when you are in some kind of material trouble.


  1. Till today afternoon, I did not believe for a minute in the likes of Astrology, Tarot etc. In fact, I broke up with my seven-year old boyfriend upon hearing that his father is an astrologer in London. But you, Mr. Manuu Chakravartyy,have me totally transformed.

    I'm going back to him. I'm pregnant with his child and we're gonna name him after you.

    1. Thank You. I humbly acknowledge your comment. Keep visiting

      r contact on the no.


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    1. thank you!!!!!! :) and i'll appreciate it if she takes some pain to post that herself, if it's not too much of trouble. :D please pass on this message.

      and thanks once again :)

  3. Hello, Manuu.

    This is the first time I'm forced to acknowledge the prowess and skill of a mystic as young as you. Good job. Keep going an done day, you'll be greater than Cheiro himself, boy. You have that fir and the passion in you.

  4. votre prédiction m'a aidé à comprendre ma copine mieux. notre relation était sur ​​le point d'être cassé quand un ancien envoyé un texto me pas de consulter votre blog. Je l'ai fait, par pure curiosité, parce qu'elle n'a jamais été un croyant avant.

    et je dois dire que ma vie est complètement transformée par votre blog! nous avons rafistolé et nous sommes impatients d'un nouvel horizon lumineux de notre relation, tout cela grâce à vous M. Manuu Chakravartyy.

    Je vais reconnaissant à vous pour toujours.

    S'il vous plaît continuez votre noble travail.

    P.S. J'ai entendu parler de certains mystiques qui font des lectures sexuelles. Faites-vous cela aussi?

    1. Merci, madame.

      Owing to my unfortunately limited knowledge of french language, i find myself unable to comprehend your statement in entity. Shall you be kind enough to translate it into English?????

    2. your prediction helped me understand my girlfriend better. our relationship was about to be broken when an ex texted me to check out your blog. i did, out of sheer curiosity, because she was never a believer before.

      and i must say my life is totally transformed by your blog!! we have patched up and we're looking forward to a bright new horizon of our relationship, all thanks to you Mr. Manuu Chakravartyy.

      i'll greatful to you forever.

      Please carry on your noble work.

      P.S. I've heard about some mystics doing sexual readings. Do you do that too??

  5. Oye, buen trabajo. mi hermana se ha ido totalmente loco por ti. ella es una virgen, 19/09/1990. se puede decir algo acerca de su futuro?

    1. English shall be preferred, mi querido señor!!!!

    2. Hey, good job. my sister is gone completely crazy about you. she is a virgin, 19/09/1990. you can say something about your future?

    3. virgin???????? what does astrological future have to do with virginity??????????

    4. sorry, man. virgin means of sign virgo.