Monday, 15 April 2013



First of all, I would like to thank all of you who’re taking time to read through my posts. It’s your efforts and support that made my blog go viral and attain 400+ post views in a mere week of active blogging.

I really thank all of you from the bottom of my heart.

Today, my blog is being read in more than 10 major countries across the globe, such as US, India, UK, France etc. it’s all YOUR success, not mine.

Women declare that they shall name their sons for me, all thanks to you.

I want to extend my wholehearted gratitude to all and make one more request to you.

You guys are doing a fabulous job, generating viral hits on my blog. And I want you to not only keep doing that, but I want an extension in your support as well.

I request you people to formally follow my blog as well. This shall bring to you enormous benefits.
1) You will get my posts straight to your email and your own blogger homepage-without having to visit my blog every time you want to see if I have posted something new.

2) After the completion of general predictions for 2013, I shall move to specialized areas like relationship troubles, career queries and forecasts for specific questions.
Following my blog shall ensure you don’t miss any of these-not even a single post-without having to browse through the whole blog.

3) When you’ll comment on my blog, it shall help you out in following ways:
  a) Based on your comments, I shall be able to have a better understanding of what you          want from me; and I shall be able to serve you better.
b) Though I don’t doubt your intelligence, we can both agree to the fact that nobody’s perfect in anything, right?
So what if you understood any card wrong? Just think about your most delicate situations and what catastrophic havoc a wrong move can wreak there!!
But, if you comment on my post, chances are good that I shall be able to detect and clarify your misunderstanding before it turns into a dreadful mistake.

c) Your support, appreciation and feedback are the only reward I wish to reap out of this job. And your comments do let me have a sumptuous meal of them.
Would you not want to be able to give back to me that??

Always loving friend of yours

-Manuu Chakravartyy(M.C.)


  1. how can people be so mean to you??? you spend sooo much time composing these long posts for us and in return people don't even take out a minute to share/follow????????


    no wonder they say good people are decreasing day by day........... :(