Thursday, 4 April 2013

VIRGOS’ 2013

VIRGOS’ 2013
My fellow Virgos, we have waited long enough for unlocking our fate. Now here’s our chance to see what the fate has in store for us.

 OK, this is an emotional card and heralds some emotional times for us. We need to return to the happy places of the past; for example, to the place where we spent our childhood or any other familiar places. OR it may mean returning to familiar routine or career. It may also mean gathering together the left behind emotional and spiritual bits of our selves.

Six of Cups is a card of happy memories and harmony. After getting grazed, emotionally, this card is about applying the tincture of happy memories and harmony to the wounds of our heart and soul as we heal and re-collect our energies.

It’s all about rest-rest as valuable as the growth that we Virgos consistently pursue.
We need it glance back and rejoice at the rewards and sweet memoirs of the past as well as to take a brief glimpse at the way ahead and establish our long-term aspirations.

OK, very straight I shall be, for that’s how we Virgos like it- Don’t be selfish. Avoid tendencies and temptations in that direction.
After all, our sun-sign Virgo is the sign of service to others, and it shall do to us no good to be acting in a way that’s entirely opposite to our innate, set by destiny, nature.
I’m not saying that we should turn into saints, idiots or volunteers to any social service and ignore our own interests; instead, we should try to find an avenue where we can serve others as well, while furthering our interests as well(of course as a first priority).

Second thing we have to watch out for is resorting to the usage of emotional blackmail by playing the martyr, another selfish tendency. Playing the martyr, in my experience, more often destroys the sympathy to our goals rather than generating it.

We also have to strengthen our will-power lest we stand a chance of a downfall by being easily influenced by such people or lures which we could have otherwise avoided.

And the last, but definitely not the least thing, is to be wary of materialism and the inflation of ego that it brings. And don’t we Virgos have the reputation of being the most humble and meekest of all the signs???? I totally think it’s something of a reputation that’s worth living up to, do you???

 This is for our liberation from the anguish and the sense of loss we incurred in the past, and our willingness to look inside for the sources of emotional and spiritual fulfillment.

This card asks us to realize that the losses we suffered in the past were, no doubt, irreparable and the wounds run deep; but the stream of life cannot be blocked from running its course. Besides, the life does have some more things to offer to us.

We HAVE to walk back into life now!!!!!!!