Sunday, 12 January 2014


                           CANCERS’ 2014


This card is one of the most richly symbolized of all; in the suite of pentacles. With a number of meanings and interpretations, it’s making your life ahead interesting and eventful.
On the most basic level, it heralds a material and/or financial gain; indicating a good time ahead this year; in these fields of your life.

And these blessings wouldn’t be just lucky shot-they would be rewards of your own efforts.
In the picture; the figure stands alone-surrounded by so many coins (the pentacles). This shows that your personal needs would have more than enough to look after; and financial supply for your own needs wouldn’t run out.

The card also shows a lot of nature around you-signaling you to spend some time outdoors; because that’s where you’d find the wealth as well as would be joyfully enjoying it.

However, I’m sure you might have noticed that by now, the figure stand alone. This may indicate an emotional isolation-in spite of having everything else you could possibly wish for.
And this ‘everything’ could very well have been the reason for this.
Nine of Pentacles is also a sign of hard work, discipline and practical approach and planning up to this point of time. And none of them are very good friends of emotions. But now all your personal burdens have been seen to; and you can safely concentrate on your extra-material needs.

Not only romantic partners, but this card also indicates a high time to start looking back at all the people once close to you-that you were forced to walk too ahead of for them to keep up- and seeing if you could possibly rope them back in your circle.
A high time for group projects and goals on the career/financial front can also be expected; if you had been working alone until now.


This is the card of ‘mental acceptance to change’. The change that it wants to talk about may (or may not) refer to the ending of the old and persevered, but yet obsolete, emotional situation.
Whatever the change might be, it would most likely be occurring through an exchange of words, where each person would be speaking out their minds-and not necessarily agreeing with each other. So you wouldn’t be wrong in concluding that, in the simplest forms, this card depicts disputes and arguments.
It may also be hinting towards a parting of ways as the final outcome of the dispute (see the way the figures in the backdrop have their backs turned towards the central one, in a pose of walking away).

But don’t despair so fast. Since this card is not reversed, so the effect of this parting wouldn’t be a negative one on your lives. And, on a definitive upside, if you love winning arguments, no matter what (well, most Gemini natives do), then you can be assured that you would emerge out to be the winner out of this argument.
A downside could be that you would offend people so much while en route to this victory that when the moment would come for you to lift your trophy (the swords in your hand), you may find yourself a bit too much deserted.
Then it lies on your shoulders to decide whether to, or not to, go for this victory because every body’s lives are different; and even Tarot Cards cannot give any cut-and-dried formula that would apply in each of the cases.


To be honest; I can’t pretend to have a single morsel of thrill to have this card before me-and neither should you.
However, there’re some lessons in this card that you need to learn-either the hard way (by letting this card come true in its full form and figure) or the easy way (may come across as anything but easy to you in the first look; but is actually the better end of the deal. Trust me on that. You don’t want ‘The Tower’ to teach you a lesson.).

The lesson is of not having too much attachment-to anything. It could be a person, a treasured possession or some really old habit that you never plan to come out of.

The Tower is the harbinger of a change-that is approaching too speedily to avoid. Your life is sure to be put on a testing table. You would do better to go along with it- and ensure personally that you have your life back in one piece.

The best you can do is to humbly accept the change that it asks for-and maybe you could avoid even more dire consequences of having the fate change it.
For example; if you have an addictive habit (tobacco, alcohol, or even eating with a particular spoon), you would do better to shed it yourself-rather than make the circumstances make you do it, in their own way. Their ‘ways’ can include terminal stage of cancer, liver sclerosis or even making you lose the particular spoon along with lots of other things in the bag where you keep it.

The change would still be happening in any case whatsoever. But in the former, at least you would be allowed the saving grace of saying that you left the particular thing yourself; and nobody had to force you for it.

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