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                    GEMINIS’ 2014


I don’t think I need to explain much in the case of this card, Geminians. The imagery says it all-or at least a large part of it.

As you can see very well, the figurine on this card is leaving behind the well-prepared and elaborate structure that it, presumably, had prepared itself. He/she had definitely put in a lot of effort and energy, along with even more of patience and time, to take this structure to the height that it has attained.
Don’t you think it would be attached to it? Of course it must have been.

But as we can see very well, it has now left it behind and is now aiming for a new thing (did you see those mountain peaks??); and he/she knows that carrying this set-up (or its components too) is not a practically viable option. So he/she is leaving them behind, and has totally given up on them-since we don’t find him/her looking back towards it.

And this is a message for you.

This card asks you to show the similar strength and resilience as the hero/heroine of this story. This year, you need to outgrow some emotions.
You need to drop the emotional baggage that is thwarting your progress. The reason I emphasize on this baggage being emotional is that the cups are the suite of emotions in the Tarot.
There must be some relationships or other emotional entanglements that might have taken a lot from you to be built. But as of now, they do not hold any meaning to or serve any purpose in your today’s scenario. So, no matter how painful or heartless it may seem-not only to others but to you yourself even-get out of the relations and other things that are tying you down to lower levels when, without them, you could be rising higher. At the end of the day (or year, rather), when you would look back, you would definitely feel that not walking out was better than not doing so. 


This is the card of ‘mental acceptance to change’. The change that it wants to talk about may (or may not) refer to the ending of the old and persevered, but yet obsolete, emotional situation.
Whatever the change might be, it would most likely be occurring through an exchange of words, where each person would be speaking out their minds-and not necessarily agreeing with each other. So you wouldn't be wrong in concluding that, in the simplest forms, this card depicts disputes and arguments.
It may also be hinting towards a parting of ways as the final outcome of the dispute (see the way the figures in the backdrop have their backs turned towards the central one, in a pose of walking away).

But don’t despair so fast. Since this card is not reversed, so the effect of this parting wouldn't be a negative one on your lives. And, on a definitive upside, if you love winning arguments, no matter what (well, most Gemini natives do), then you can be assured that you would emerge out to be the winner out of this argument.
A downside could be that you would offend people so much while en route to this victory that when the moment would come for you to lift your trophy (the swords in your hand), you may find yourself a bit too much deserted.
Then it lies on your shoulders to decide whether to, or not to, go for this victory because every body’s lives are different; and even Tarot Cards cannot give any cut-and-dried formula that would apply in each of the cases.


Like the two predecessors of it, this card also is one of those where a Tarot Card Reader isn't needed much for interpretations.

We can see a lady-hands bound and eyes obstructed.
This may be describing a situation where you don’t know what the situation exactly is, and how can you do anything about it. Plus you’re powerless too, when it comes to interfering effectively (your hands are tied, remember??)
Then the question is-“what can we do in such a situation??”
The answer lies, again, in the card itself. Look carefully at the figure’s feet and legs. Neither are they bound nor are any swords in front and back of her. They’re there just on her sides, obstructing movement-and/or depicting elements of danger-in those directions; and thus away from the situation. But she’s not aware of it. So she rather tries to either move sideways-look at her posture- or she tries to free her hands.
Analogically, in situations where your knowledge is inadequate and/or your powers of action are limited, plus there’s an element of danger too; it would be a better ploy to move away from the situation-at least for a while, if not permanently.

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